What is macrophilia

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Known in the psychiatric community as paraphiliasfetishes are loosely defined as the experience of being sexually aroused by unusual or highly specific stimuli. There's a wide range of fetishes out there, from your standard foot fetish podophilia to the more obscure acrotomophilia attraction to people with amputationsor forniphilia an attraction to people being used as furniture.

They're also surprisingly common: according to one study, nearly 1 in 6 people has a fetish. Macrophilia — more commonly known as the "giantess fetish" — falls into this category. In most cases, macrophilia takes the form of heterosexual men being turned on by the idea of very large women or, less frequently, men doing massive things, like destroying cities, crushing people and cars underfoot, and generally wreaking havoc.

Such videos are often shot from below and feature a woman stomping around, sometimes with tiny toy soldiers or model cities at her feet, as she crushes them or squishes them under her butt or between her breasts. Sometimes, she even eats them. But in general, the roots of fetishes like macrophilia are not entirely clear, though it is believed that they take root during childhood and adolescence. David is a straight, white, single chef from the American South who has been attracted to giant women particularly giant women's feet for as long as he can remember.

Here's what he had to say. David: When I was very young, I played with Matchbox cars a lot, like any other young boy. What is macrophilia noticed that I really liked it when someone would walk by and step on a tiny car or part of what I was building.

I always had this unique want to be tiny and inside the car or building, to see what it would be like. D: I was always a goofy, energetic kid growing up. When I was discovering my foot fetish, I stumbled across some photos of girls stepping on tiny human figurines, and cool pictures of tiny men stuck between toes from the under-the-foot kind of viewpoint.

I knew that me liking feet would make people judge me, so I assumed that of course this fantasy would, too. MH: Did it result what is macrophilia people judging you? Has it been a problem in your life? D: I absolutely have been picked on and belittled for it, and not in a fun or respectful, playful way.

But no one in my family has alienated me for it, because they love me and the goofy, hard-working person I am. MH: What is the experience of seeing photos or videos of giantesses like for you? Is it sexual, or more mental? The pictures and camera angles, as well as videos, bring the fantasy to life.

Kind of like an art. Can you put it into words? I think most men are drawn to the submissive factor. It absolutely has to do with our patriarchal society. To be used and abused by a woman. MH: What type of giantess content do you like most?

Does your fetish dovetail with other fetishes? D: My fetish with giantesses revolves around my foot fetish. And that absolutely has to do with me liking giantess foot porn. MH: Do you prefer imagining gigantic women the size of skyscrapers? Or being shrunk down so that regular-sized women are gigantic compared to you? MH: What size of giantess are you most interested in? How much bigger than you would your ideal giantess be?

Microscopic fantasies are fun. MH: The giantess fetish, especially, really requires you to escape to fantasy land to indulge it. The world would be a terrifying place if people were actually able to shrink other people. I think it gives it a more playful aspect to fantasize about, and escape reality a bit. You can be really creative and innovative with it.

It probably helps exercise your mind! D: There are guys who enjoy being put between boobs and squished, sat on, eaten, taped to a toothbrush, covered in spit, being used as a tiny shrunken sex toy, or being cuckolded at that size. Not everyone has fetishes, not everyone discovers the ones they do have. D: Having the fetish helped me to become more comfortable with myself, and more accepting of others who are just what is macrophilia unique in their own ways.

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What is macrophilia

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