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Jose Gonzalez Staff Reporter November 6, What do Edward Cullen, William the Bloody a. But, why now and why the fascination? Donald Holly, an anthropology professor, said he wrote a research paper which detailed the fascination between women and vampires.

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Some of the attraction can be pinpointed toward old horror films and the emergence of the gothic sub-culture. He said it could be the penetration taking place that biting and releasing blood and the sexual release that may come from it.

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The vampires of earlier times were seen as more psychotic and demented, therefore, they were scarier. While recent portrayals of vampires like Edward Cullen, Angel, and Spike seem to exert more human qualities, and therefore, people can relate to them because they share human emotions, and hence, fall in love vampire fettish them. Lauren Minow, senior elementary education major, said vampires like Edward Cullen were attractive to her. Jose Gonzalez can be reached at or [ protected]. City council approves street closures, raffle s. Column: Country music helped me unlearn certain biases.

City Council to vote on street closures, raffle tickets. Column: Trying to enjoy the present. Column: Regaining an intense love for music. RSS Feed. Submit Search. Close Menu. About Staff Advertising Privacy Policy. Got a fang fetish? Jump to Comments. Share on Facebook.

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Metro’s A to Z of fetishes: U to Z are for urine, vampires, cannibals and cake