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A complaint about a trans woman led to protests at Wi Spa, and now the Los Angeles Times has weighed in with an editorial supporting inclusion. The protests took place Saturday at Wi Spa in L. They were sparked by an Instagram video posted by a fellow spa customer regarding the incident, which occurred the preceding weekend, the Times reports. A woman confronted the staff at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles after a man walked into the women's section with his genitals hanging out in front of girls.

He identified as a "woman. The employees say that it's the law. Part 1 pic. The protests drew both trans-supportive and anti-trans demonstrators, and there was some physical violence, resulting in injuries to five people, local TV station KTLA reports.

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Police declared an unlawful assembly and forced the protesters to disperse, and no arrests were made, although there is an ongoing investigation, according to the station. Wi Spa strives to meet the needs and safety of all of its customers, and does not tolerate harassment or lewd conduct by any customer, regardless of their sex, gender, or other characteristic.

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They might prefer a spa where a certain amount of body covering is required. Supreme Court rulings might well grant faith-based groups the right to set up spas and other accommodations that are in keeping with their beliefs.

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Transgender girl nude

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Koreatown’s Wi Spa At Center Of Controversy After Complaint About Transgender Customer