Soul senki

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English localization released in November Free to play. Start playing at Nutaku. For PC Windows internet browsers. Partial Japanese voice acting. Uncensored genitals. Get ready for visually orgasmic anime battles and girl collecting mechanics deed from the ground up to drain your wallets, like a gangster soul senki giving deepthroat! Your father and your friends are murdered and your family home burned to the ground. What now, motherfucker? No-one, you let your trauma fester into murderous pyschopathy!

Because you commit your body and your soul to the pursuit of vengeance. You are going to hack and slash your way through yakuza thugs and petty gangsters in your blood-crazed search for the men who killed your family. You will amass an elite militia of sexy anime girls and avenge your shitty childhood and sink your penis in them. The dramatic story was very engaging at the start. It talks about war, persecution, sectarian violence, and magic, then thrusts you into a world where hot young girls are the ultimate weapons.

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The souls are bound to weapons of past wars, called artifacts. After the first few chapters, I lost interest. It would have been much better to have fewer and more impactful story segments, instead of padding, padding, and more padding.

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I have no idea, but these two letters with the hashtag appear disturbingly often. The character des are so imaginative, the variety is just staggering. Your soul senki battle soul, Date Mai, is a samurai schoolgirl wearing a short skirt and knee-high boots, and using a gun and a katana. I even found a girl who uses a hula hoop as a weapon, wearing white panties that peek below her skirt. From the gacha, I drew a blonde catgirl wearing a sexy black leotard and boxing gloves. The game offers a staggering of waifus to collect, level up, and fuck.

When the girls fight, they actually look like their artwork, which is featured in multiple menus and screens. The background art is simply amazing. I loved the Japanese city areas, the tropical island, the physical exercise class, all of it. The visual presentation is just pure eye candy with titty cherries on top of the sundae. Soul Senki is a battle harem game. You can have six waifus at maximum in your team. Normal enemies are just punching bags without abilities, while enemy battle souls will use their super powerful special abilities to really ransack your team.

The game is insanely convoluted with its character upgrade mechanics. You have to maneuver several menus to upgrade the power levels of your girls. You can choose which enemy is the focus-fire target by clicking them. In order to become more powerful fighters, your girls have to drink spirit potions, which is a strange out-of-place reference to alcoholism.

These girls are hardcore thots living a self-destructive hedonistic lifestyle of sex and ultra violence. The soundtrack rocks a healthy list of exciting melodies. I particularly enjoyed the Japanese-style music in the main menu, and most of the combat songs. Even the little jingles, like the victory music, have a strong Japanese vibe, played with real physical instruments. Not all songs are joyous to listen to, but the ones that are good, remain engaging time after time.

Soul Senki has lots of Japanese voice acting, but not all lines are voiced. During combat, the girls have just a few lines they repeat rather soul senki. The acting is anime quality, and the voices youthfully sexy; viable masturbation material. The recordings are flawless in technical quality, with no cracks or pops soiling the audio.

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Soul Senki is free to play. If you want to support the developer, you may purchase a big bucket of rubies and completely trash the premium gacha. You are guaranteed to get a combat-viable Battle Soul when purchasing a pack of 10 gacha rolls. During my review period, I encountered exactly one sex scene. The scene was animated and had partially soul senki dialog. You have to really work for it if you want to see your waifus naked: You have to max out the affection levels of the girls to unlock their scenes. Regardless of the scarcity of actual hentai in this game, my penis was adequately pleased with the cute bishoujos in their titillating outfits kicking ass.

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The music, the voice acting, and the graphics are top notch quality. Both newbies and veterans of the battle harem meme will find something to like about this. Recommended for casual hentai gamers. Start playing Soul Senki. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by.

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Soul senki

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Nutaku's Soul Senki Lets You Command Busty Battle Souls