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Forgot your password? By kikonkromeJanuary 6, in Swinging Online. Snap Chat has a story feature whereby you can create a story of what's going on in your snapchat swingers and broadcast it. In general celebrities and wanna be celebrities use this to self promote. Mostly it's kinda a brief day in the life of However it has seriously made some people rich and almost household names. Porn Stars have been using this as well. Now Snap Chat doesn't allow nudity, unlike our board. Here's the part that has gotten strangely addictive to me, watching the star IRL and comparing it to their star persona.

It has this crazy oxymoron feature. I mean some of the stars behave like you would expect a porn star to behave, bottles at the club getting tipsy.

Others, and these are the fun ones IMO, are just normal people, albeit really young adults, getting through life. It is strangest kind of voyeurism I have ever actively participated in. Here's their on screen porn star behavior of let's face it extreme sex acts, and here they are at the gym working out. I am not really sure if it is a turn on, turn off or just fascinating people watching.

Bonnie Rotten is currently my favorite, you might see her in her underwear, but compared to her on screen footage kink. Really if the tattoo's snapchat swingers not the same I would have said no way. It is also another incarnation of the classic. Super cool technology, how is the porn industry using it? Man we think alike brother! I don't have snapchat but I do have periscope its almost the same thing pornstars and celeberties broadcast live. It doesn't allow nudity but some don't care one girl I forget who it was,did a bts blowbang!

But others are fascinating to watch. Some are artist, some sing, cook,etc. There's a few I really follow like Bobby Dylan we interact on occasion and she remembers me from fetlife and twitter,she's really into kink so Bobby is a favorite.

I love watching India she was a favorite back in the day but she's behind the camera now and giving updates on her production projects. But yeah man its fun, I feel like Im in an episode of black mirror watching them. Admittedly, I haven't figured out how snapchat swingers "get into" snapchat yet, but my alternative Instagram feed is a lot of fun.

Brandi Love is my guilty pleasure these days.

Snapchat swingers have no reason to believe that she might have any Snap Chat activity, but along a similar line of thought, Tina Turner a frequent source of fantasy for me seems not to be the wild woman whom people might perceive. She is an actress and performer and like any really good person in this profession, she is a completely normal person just making a living doing what she knows best. I never really thought of Tina Turner as a 'wild woman'. Sexy as hell, for sure, but not really wild. I did always appreciate her embodiment of female empowerment, driven, hard working, talented and successful regardless of the societal pressure stacked against.

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Snapchat swingers

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