Skype name live

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Skype is undoubtedly one of the most popular video-calling and chats app that is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platform.

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It is used by numerous people for business purpose as well. Unfortunately, this implies that creating an with it is no longer easy as far as the username is concerned. Sometimes, you go over the top with all kind of security advice and select out a fancy Skype user name or a name with random s.

This flashy username is acceptable under normal circumstances but becomes embarrassing in business and other personal circumstances and even lead to a personal loss which could be financial, opportunity-wise, impression-wise, etc. However, you are not completely out of luck.

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While your user name cannot be changed; you can change your display name which solves the problem. You would no longer need to delete the and start all over again. Thus, keep reading. Foremost, let us be clear about Skype display name and Skype user ID.

They are two different things. You can change your display name but not your User ID. The User ID is the name with which you created your with Skype. You cannot change that unless you delete the and make a fresh one with the same address. However, the display name is the name with which you would like your profile to be known. It is the name that will appear in the search list of anyone who is trying to find you.

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You can change this name as many times as you want. Next, click on your display name or profile image icon.

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Both are placed together at the left top corner of the screen. This would open a new window where you will find your name right at the center top of the below your photo. There would be a pencil icon on the right of your name. Clicking on this icon will make your name editable.

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You would be able to delete your old name and type in a new display name. There you will find your name on the top right corner of the. Click on it to open a drop-down menu. There would be a blue column on the left side of the. It will take you to a fresh .

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There would be two rows there, of First Name and Last Name respectively. You can put any display name that you fancy.

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Reopen the Skype to see the new display name. At the top of theyou would see your Skype profile image. Tap on it. You would see your display name below the image on the new. There would be a pencil tab on the right side of your display name. Tap on it and edit your display name as desired.

Finally, tap on Done. The changed display name would appear once you refresh the. As evident, changing the display name is pretty easy. However, what you need to note down is that all these methods only work if you have opened your Skype after Microsoft acquired Skype in The method would not work for older s. We hope that you can now change the display name on Skype with ease. Chime in below for any comments, suggestions or sharing in your feedback.

Skype name live

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How To Change Your Skype Name