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Does anyone remember Cleverbotthe sort-of-not-really AI that you could sort-of-not-really have a conversation with? It was really popular around the time I was sitting my Italian exam at university, circa Inthat was great.

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The bot will respond accordingly to your typed responses, even taking the time to throw in the occasional photo. Obtained from willing, consenting people, with he and other identifiable information tastefully cropped out, the photos accompany relevant text.

Stone has given thought and attention to the glitchy aesthetic of the whole game: vulvas, penises and breasts alike are stretched, heedless of aspect ratios, covered in intentional hot-pink pixel-smears and wobbling across the screen.

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If it is, please continue to look at it as you masturbate. I love bots, and generated content.

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I love the way their janky computer brains work, how their lack of creativity makes for a whole different kind of creativity beyond human imagination, somehow. Cyber Sext Adventure is neither a bot nor generated content; it is a Twine game, authored to look like a bot, sound like a bot, react like a bot. I loved playing Cyber Sext Adventure because of all its weird, janky flaws. I sexting bot the way an almost-sexy path about nipples and wet, swollen clitorises would abruptly end in the sext bot chastising me for expecting so much of a computer.

Reminds me of my co-worker when I introduced him to Cleverbot. He and Eviebot had some interesting conversations.

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The A. By Kate Gray.

Sexting bot

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