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Obsessed with celebrityconsumer culture, and mechanical re production, Pop artist Andy Warhol created some of the most iconic images of the 20th century. Known for his cultivation of celebrity, Factory studio a radical social and creative melting potand avant-garde films like Chelsea GirlsWarhol was also a mentor to artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

His Pop sensibility is now standard practice, taken up by major contemporary artists Richard PrinceTakashi Murakamiand Jeff Koonsamong countless others. up. Log in. In past show. About the work. Hedges Projects. West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Image dimensions: 10 x 8 in.

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Framed dimensions: Medium Photography. Stamped on verso by the Andy Warhol Art …. The purchaser is acquiring ownership rights only of the physical work of art described herein, and that this transfer of ownership of the …. Andy Warhol. American, — Selected exhibitions. This is a unique work. Contact Gallery.

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Location West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Want to sell a work by this artist? Con with Artsy. Work is framed to …. Selected exhibitions 3. Series by this artist. Navigate left Navigate right. Celebrity Portraits. Ladies and Gentlemen.

Cowboys and Indians.

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Sex Parts and Torsos. Details of Renaissance Paintings. Letter to the World The Kick. In the Bottom of My Garden. Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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View all. Andy Warhol, Photograph of Bill Murray circaca. Brooke Shields and Keith Haring Other works by Andy Warhol. Revolver Gallery. Contact for Price. Flowers 65 Lush Art Agency. IKON Ltd. Contemporary Art. Blackglama Judy Garland Collectors Contemporary. Woodward Gallery. Volkswagen Other works from Hedges Projects. Christopher Makos. Princess Caroline of Monaco Bodybuilderca. Airplane Deeda Blair Male Nude After the Party F. Chaircirca s. Related works. Most Similar. Pop Art. Lee Friedlander. Untitled Reflection with Vehicles PDNB Gallery. David Hockney.

Hand ed Photographca. Alpha Gallery. Danny Lyon.

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Etherton Gallery. Cecil Beaton. Attika Fine Arts. Chuck Close. Untitled Kate 16 Kenneth A. Gordon Parks. Untitled, Miami, Florida Jenkins Johnson Gallery. Related artists. Robert Indiana. Tom Wesselmann. James Rosenquist. Rosalyn Drexler. American, b.

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Sam jann nude

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