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Oh, right. I want to be open-minded. Is this new one a bundle of cliches and big boobed babes in swimsuits or there is more? It at least pretends to be a dungeon crawler. These kinds of titles can be anything between the two extreme, after all. But ultimately this is a zero interest bundle for me.

Big boobed babges in Santa costumes. Clutching said boobs, just in case you somehow missed them. Plus some odder things, like the skin-tight costumes the big boobed babes in Sakura Space are wearing. Plus some actual nudity, of course. I guess these are… adventure games?

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The screenshots on Steam seem to have some tiny unreadable dialog on them. Softcore porn adventure games, where presumably the goal is to have sex with the babes. Sort of like Leisure Suit Larry 1 but without the satire. So far, it appears there are at least 4, Humble customers with no taste whatsoever who have purchased it.

Legal ramifications and also image issues would be my guess. I can understand Valve not wanting to put themselves in the position to be sued because some angry parent found out their kids have been exposed to adult contents, especially in the US. Also, games have been consistently treated badly by the press in the past, think shooters turning kids into killers and all that. Gus I can guarantee not all anime is utter, irredeemable shit. Try and watch some of the better stuff. Gainax used to make stuff Sakura space nudity liked, but may not be your cup. Have you watched Spirited Away?

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There seems to be some form of audience then. Trash if ever I saw it. Anime is hugely popular with younger demographics I suspect in many cases it should be possible to, with some reliability, guess the age of a person by looking at the anime shows they watch and little else. Have you looked at the Steam s for these things? Read the user reviews? Extreme objectification of women, certainly, but adult women none the less. Also, about porn targeting the young… all teenage boys just past the cusp of puberty seek out porn.

I vaguely recall thinking Hustler was tasteless when I was 13, and man, something has to be really tasteless sakura space nudity strike you that way at Some of the stuff I did like though is rather embarrassing when I think about it today.

Disliking and criticizing the game is fine, antagonizing the person is useless, and most likely will have negative consequences. Cool guy, although watching DBZ myself would likely have bored me to tears. There was a discussion on a game, last year I think, that featured rape in a way that led some to flare up and declare that that was absolutely, irredeemably bad, and that people who are not entirely against those games are also absolutely, irredeemably bad.

I dated someone who was was into it. Would be very different if we were talking about depicting abusive relationships, in a complacent way, in a game that has aspirations to be something more. And my remark about anime in general was an encouragement to not throw away the baby with the water. Child abuse must be universally stomped on, regardless of its nature, however age of consent is variable. A potential issue, there, may be that, in some cases, sex between an under age person and an older one, gets automatically conflated with child abuse.

No accusations or strawmans, rather showing what I thought were similar cases of jumping to conclusions. Likewise people who hold those beliefs about FPSs or GTA, most often dismiss those games out of hand, based on second-hand information, or superficial impressions no, not saying that you should buy that bundle :P. Seen this post? Let me say it again: none of this pertains the games; they may be formulaic, simplistic, badly written, have poorly constructed characters or stories: VNs very often are subject to that kind of perfectly valid criticism, even when sex is out of the picture.

Dead Cells is just so good, man. That accostment, though? Steamworld Dig has been widely praised but to me it looked like plain, funless grind. Even the artstyle has something plain and cheap about it. Baines UTC 2. I would keep listening if you felt sakura space nudity expanding. Heliocentric UTC 6.

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Just a thought. Heliocentric UTC 9. And GTA turns kids into criminals? And people who watch rape porn are rapists? Heliocentric UTC Properly labeled NSFW is allowed, please go ahead with the links. I did, and it rang out in a problematic way.

Sakura space nudity

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