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I am a biual 18 year old female looking for forty dirty partners on kik i like rp. Looking for someone to roleplay Dave for a davekat rp. So, I ended up posting a blog instead of a roleplay. Hopefully this is better.

Was hopeing to find a femboy that would like to do a rp with me! I play as stong Amazoian like women much taller, stronger, and mover curvey I can ether be futa or normal, and I reference. Although if I don't reply, it means I'm asleep or I'm in class. It is selling day at the slave house. I am sat in a cage waiting to see if I am picked or not.

You walk past I look up looking you in the eyes despite it being against the rules and quickly look ba.

Looking for some no-strings-attached almost booty-call roleplay. Let's skip formalities and get straight to the down and dirty. Wanna stay anonymous to each other? Fine by me! We can hit each rp kik. Hello everyone! So here's the concept. You come and talk to me on kik like if i was the real Cara.

No need to explain your RP at least write a long first message trying to make. Be dominant, punish me for my bratty attitude. I'm not a ing weeb I swear. If anyone is interested, i want a 1 to 1 rp, boy or girl doesnt matter to me.

Im a dominant so im looking for a submissive person. I'm very submissive and I'm looking for a dominant girl interested in rp. I have a few ideas on the top of my head. I'm a shy nerdy girl in school and you bully and humiliate m. I'm sub, and I'm looking rp kik someone to dominate me and control me.

My favorite settings are fantasy, sci. I'm a male, younger than my sister. Her and her friends humilate me Hello readers and welcome! I'm a 27 year old male based within the contine. I have to much time on my hand and I'm in need of some onexones. I will reply multiple times a day and I prefer that you do as well.

I do not like roleplaying over forums so I'm. Hi my name is Tammy,My Kik is: tammyd My prefers rps are: D I have some starters with fictional characters, such as Leia, Catwoman, or Zelda, rp kik if you have a starter I am. Me and my friend are looking for people to roleplay with, usually a type scene, he is a Dom whereas I am a sub. We used to have a whole group of people that we roleplayed with, but. My name is Silvia, I am 19 and am from FL. Message me if you are Male and you need a rp partner or a new sub.

Kik only. Setting: A Fantasy world filled with magic, dragons, fantasy creatures like elves, dwarves, orcs, ect. Also kings, queens, princesses and princes. You can be anything you want! Plot: Alix. I'll play male or female or futa or whatever with anything, I am male IRL if that's at all important Hones. I have a lot of 1x1 rp's i want to do most of them based on one thing or another but pretty much all my rp partners have gone MIA on me.

I'm 29y old. I have embraced my true nature: being used, abused, controlled, and much much more.

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