Roleplay sexting

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Skip ! Story from Wellness. Sexting and roleplay via text can be a lot of fun, and it can even be great for your relationship.

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With one crucial caveat: Both parties have to be into it. Last week, a Reddit user who goes by the username TheOwlAndTheFinch posted a series of screenshots of a conversation between herself and a man who she said had been "begging for weeks to do a 'sexy roleplay'" with her.

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Upon looking at the screenshots, we can see why. Her matter-of-fact responses are understandably reluctant at first, and get hilariously mood-killing as the conversation goes on. And so she did exactly that. We'll let the screenshots speak for themselves. Let's just say that this roleplay probably didn't go as the guy planned.

He's been begging for weeks to do a "sexy roleplay" with me.

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I finally said yes. I think he regrets everything now. In a further comment in the thread, she clarified that she does know the guy though they haven't met in real lifeand he's not just a random stranger who happened to text her. She met roleplay sexting on Steam, a video game platform. He has made some unwanted advances, she said, adding that he's generally harmless. In case you thought their conversation ended after those screenshots, it didn't.

Luckily, she's come up with a perfect solution for keeping him at bay since she says she personally doesn't like to have to block people. Gimmie a minute.

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Roleplay sexting

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