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Some people send nudes to paying members.

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I don't have it so I don't actually know the ins and outs of it. Thanks so much for your response. You're very welcome. But my experience is still limited. I would say keep your eye open if this is important to you. I wish you both all the best! Reddit snapchat nude lame should I be worried my bf follows them and I saw some private messages that were kinda like sexting?? So after I made this post and didn't really receive much attention, I continued to do some exploration of this snapchat sex world.

In my exploration I followed a bunch of different women on snapchat and on reddit and bought some nudes and a video from a woman however she was local so that was an extra incentive for me, I could theoretically meet her if I wanted to. First, what those women are selling is not just naked pictures or porn. As everyone here pointed out, porn is every where for free.

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So what are these guys paying for? They are paying for a pseudo-relationship with that girl. You get to see aspects of her life on her story or through talking to her, and then she sends you nudes as well. You pay for the whole experience as well. Most of these women will even accept dick pics and selfies from their paying members and will compliment them reddit snapchat nude that. As far as I can tell, these guys are paying either for that pseudo-relationship or, as I ended up doing, they paid for nudes from a girl who is like a celebrity. There are pornstars that sell on snapchat and if you pay for those custom pictures or videos, then you have something that is personalized.

You have something from her that no one else has. Also, almost none of these women will speak to anyone about anything other than prices unless they have given her money.

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If he's sexting these girls or speaking to them in that way, then he has more than likely sent them money in the past. In regards to your relationship, you may want to think of what you care about and the context that all of this is transpiring in. Do they mean anything to him? Were these conversations a secret he kept from you and if so can you trust what he says about why he is talking to them? I don't envy you in this.

Feel free to send any other questions you have my way.

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People who pay for nudes or snapchat premium, why? Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. Good question, why? Just use google images. Whats snapchat premium? Some adult models sell special access to their Snapchat.

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Worried about nudes I sent to woman from tinder in Snapchat, any advice?