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One of the things that made Snapchat so different from other social networks is the fact that you can add your friends and create a community through rather particular methods. And the most interesting one is the Snapcode. A Snapcode is a unique dotted-style image that works like a QR code you can scan in the Snapchat app to reveal new functions. Its main purpose is to make the process of adding friends easier, but you can also use Snapcodes to access exclusive content, unlock Filters and Random snapcodes, link to websites, and more.

The feature was added in When someone adds you by Snapcode on Snapchat, it means that they have access to your unique Snapcode that they scanned in the app. That can be either in your presence by scanning your Snapcode directly with their phone, or from a saved image of your Snapcode that they then scan in the app.

On mobile, your Snapcode will show up at the top of the screen when you tap the profile icon at the top left-hand corner. From here, you can choose to save or share your Snapcode. On desktop, you need to log in at s. Then, wait for your friend to add you back.

Remember, sometimes you might not be able to send snaps to a friend unless he adds you back. Snapchat Support seems to have outdated information regarding Snapcodes.

Are random people adding you on Snapchat, especially by Snapcode? There are three ways people can add you by Snapcode without you sharing your code directly with them:. Unfortunately, there is no way around this, but there are a few ways to protect your from random people adding you on Snapchat.

And of course, like with any other social media app, you can always block someone who is bothering you. Pretty easy, right? I hope this article clarified the added by snapcode meaning for you. See also: How to Use Snapchat Filters? Log in to leave a comment. in.

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Random snapcodes

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