Nipple clamp story

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Latest Forum Posts:. Lush. Submit Story Random Story. Hide Ad. Story tag for nipple clamps Found 51 result s. Blind Obedience, Chapter 5 - The sight of her multiple orgasms as well as my own lack of sexual partners lately brought me to my crest sooner than usual. I felt that familiar tingle in my scrotum and felt my balls nipple clamp story up in pre The bathroom was dimly, romantically lit by a few candles.

Soft jazz was playing, and she and Sandy had just brought one another to wonder The last one dismounted, leaving Bonnie stunned and breathing hard, with pussy cum glazing her mouth and face, and her body see Daddy feeds his baby girl - It is lunchtime, are you eating baby girl? Yes, Daddy, I am going to eat right now.

Good girl, I am proud of you for remembering to eat. Daddy needs you to take care of yourself, honey. Naught is as Naughty Does - Sam left the bedroom and walked down the stairs. Karen watched as he came into the kitchen. Sam was wearing a black tailored tuxedo that fit his athletic body They like you. You tease my nipples through my shirt and lead me to the sofa. You sit, I stand facing you. Your hand slides up my thigh, you It's that time of year!

I know you have already started making your NCAA tournament predictions. You get a hard-on waiting for that must-see matchup. You cum in your b Behind the tapestry Part two - The king arrived back in the early evening on the third day. He summoned his counsel and had them meet with him. Power Play - Only a two-inch, glass-paneled office wall separates you from me, your world from mine. I sit outside and wait. Observing, like a lioness in the tall grass, watching. Taking careful note of your move Jessie's Journey. The Private Club. Chapter 2 - As Derek led her through the crowd, a path opened for him.

A path lined with masked guests with their eyes running all over her naked body and trapped nipples. She could feel the heat of their eyes s Chapter 1 - Jessie was in nipple clamp story shower. She slowly dragged the blade of the cheap, disposable razor over the last bit of shaving cream remaining along side the lips of her pussy, leaving her mound and lips clean a I did not expect — though maybe I should have — being woken from a sound sleep as he laced my arms into a binder behind my back.

We had di She wanted to get the things she bought put away, and relax for a bit before she had to make dinner. When Barbara Sexy Submission - The tension in the room is palpable. I can hear every breath you take. In and out. Slowly and calmly, the opposite of my pounding heart.

Here I am suspended; my arms tied high above my he Younger Than Springtime - The door was open. I had no reason to have it closed. We were all in this together. So I was sitting in the large chair as my nurse prepared to access my port to begin the first liter of Cisplatin.

My wife becomes my mistress - I'd been wanting to try it for so long. I watched hundreds of femdom videos, looked at pictures, etc. Our sex life had become non-existent.

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When my wife and I were having sex it was just the basic Sterling and letting him deny and fulfill me in equal kinky measure, I found the evenings after work hardest to endure. Monday night was the worst. I was rested; I di A Flogging In Slow-time - I had my instructions.

His favorite black silky, black hose, black panties, and the Road Slut collar. I put them on meticulously, adding my touch of the ponytail and purple pumps.

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Also, per his instru How To Handle A Rope - She was on the bed, face up and naked, her hands tied loosely to the bed frame, but not so loose that she could get away. She was nervous, understandably, but he reassured her. Mastering Emma nipple clamp story Part 2 - After that fateful event that made me Master, over Emma, we have done some pretty strange things together.

Over the months, we ed a fetish website and forum. Emma was inherently kinky and she lov Welcome To Canada - Part 3 - Mike walks over to the bathtub and holds out his hands to me. I put down the vibrator and place my hand in his and step out of the tub. I'm placing my complete trust in him. I know he loves me and th Desires Unwrapped - Becky eyed warily the plain wrapped package on her table. She was expecting it, anticipated it but now that it was here she was afraid to open it. She had a hard time sitting down and her ass still felt like it had a butt plug inside it. She felt so worn out from the stress and if she was

Nipple clamp story

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