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The new law means adolescents caught sharing explicit photos with each other will no longer risk charges, prison sentences and a damaging criminal record. New Mexico teenagers can now exchange nude photos without fear of criminal prosecution under a new bill that legalizes sexting and could have national implications for laws on child abuse images. Researchers have also found that a majority of adolescents are unaware of the potentially serious legal consequences of sexting.

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Prosecutors ly could also file separate charges for each individual image, meaning teens who rapidly exchanged dozens of photos via texts or other smartphone messaging applications could potentially be sentenced to ificant prison sentences, said Rikki-Lee Chavez, legislative coordinator for the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, which also supported the measure.

But she said defense lawyers reported that they were representing teens charged with child sexual exploitation for actions that clearly constituted sexting. One case, Chavez said, involved a teen who had shared images through Yik Yaka mobile app that allows for anonymous messaging and has become popular on college campuses.

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Apps like Snapchat, which allow users to send photos that subsequently disappear — but can be saved with a screenshot — have also been increasingly associated with sexting. Allen said the ACLU recently learned of a case in which a teenage boy was detained and charged after authorities found that he had received an explicit photo from his girlfriend. A case in North Carolina thrust the issue of sexting laws into the spotlight when authorities charged two year-olds who were dating with multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a minor after discovering that they had shared nude selfies.

They were both considered perpetrators and new mexico nudes in the case, and if convicted, they would have been labeled as sex offenders for decades. Eventually the charges were reduced to misdemeanorslanding them a year on probation. The state attorney general, Hector Balderas, who supported the original exploitation legislation, slammed the sexting proposal as dangerous.

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New Mexico. This article is more than 5 years old. Sam Levin in San Francisco.

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New mexico nudes

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