Naughty girls names

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When asked to reveal the worst-behaved kids they know, teachers, parents, and other children pointed fingers at kids with these names.

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Are some baby names destined to be bad? That's the premise behind a survey conducted in the U. What they found was that Jack was the worst-behaved boy name, and Mia topped the naughty list for girls. According to the listJackHarryOliverCharlie, and George were all mischievous names, while Arthurs were very well behaved. And on the girls' side, some of the most popular baby names are indicted: In addition to MiaEllaIsabellaSophia, and Amelia are all poorly behaved, and Isla is the name to give if you want a well-behaved.

Of course, there are also a few famous names that may connote bad behavior—and that you might want to think twice about.

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You might want to skip names like Damien, Regan, Gage, Esther, Samaraand Rhodawhich carry a little baggage from the association. And if you name your kid Michael and your last name is Meyers, well, your kid may decide to change it. Kid lit is equally full of spirited and sometimes troublesome characters—most of them girls. And Kylo and Anakin kinda deserve to be on the naughtiest baby names list, too—though maybe Kylo will come back from the dark side in the final installment of Star Wars.

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Of course, getting a naughty-list name could simply inspire your child to thrive in spite of their name—there's the story of parents who named their kids Winner and Loser, and Loser ended up being the big success, while Winner landed in prison. Because as the saying goes, a rose by any other name would still smell sweet—and your child will be just fine, no matter what name you pick.

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Naughty girls names

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Kids with Certain Names Are Likelier to Be 'Naughty' or 'Nice,' Study Finds