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Both Snapchat and Naughty America need no introduction, as they're fairly popular names in their respective industries. But the reason why the two are under the spotlight now is because Naughty America decided to peddle subscriptions by creating an AR porn lens.

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Naughty America created three new Snapchat AR lenses and posted them on its website for users to check out. One of them featured a 3D hologram of adult performer Stephanie West. The other two lenses were more explicit - a nude pole dancer and a male performer with full frontal nudity.

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Naturally, the lens went viral and people from across the globe started using them for, you know, fun. But when Snapchat found out that the porn studio had pulled out such a stunt, it took down Naughty America's and removed the lenses.

That, however, couldn't stop people from using it. Well, that's because the paying customers of the site had access to a handful of additional lenses as well as holographic source data that's necessary to make the lenses.

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Turns out, Naughty America has a lot of paying members, who are all downloading the files and making their own version of the lenses. Since we're talking about potentially hundreds of thousands of members, it going to be extremely difficult for Snapchat to track of all them down and remove the filters that are making rounds around the internet.

Snapchat does monitor the distribution of lens on its platform, but it might take a little while before they control this and stop the distribution of the lens. Until then, the best we can do is flag the users using it and promoting such inappropriate lenses. Shop Read. up with us to unlock all features! By Karthik Iyer.

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Naughty america snapchat

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Porn Studio 'Naughty America' Created A Snapchat AR Porn Lens & It's Literally Everywhere Now