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Have you ever worn an eyemask or overhead mask when dominating kitten? Does it help you feel more dominant? The reason I'm asking is because my new Mommy is really good at being dominant as long as she's wearing this Catwoman-style mask. She does look sexy with it, but I would like to see her face every now and then. Problem is, if she's not wearing her mask, she doesn't enjoy sex as much.

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She said she just gets turned on more when she makes love to me while wearing a mask. Why is this? There are a lot of little things that go into sex. Some people have a harder time getting off if they are not stimulated mentally. Mentally she may only feel sexy when wearing the mask and she may only get off if she feels like she is sexy.

I like my hair on the shorter side. It makes me feel a little more like me and it makes me feel sexy. Plus Kitten finds mommy dom little boy easier to pull my hair if it is short. Currently I have it in a sort purple mohawk and he is absolutely loving it. It really cute to see him like that. From the sounds of this your new partner could have a thing for role playing in the bedroom.

Which can be really fun and is a great way to get into some dirty talking. Something to consider and have fun with. However if not being able to see her face really bothers you then talk mommy dom little boy her about it. See if there is a way to compromise or get to the root as to why she only feels sexy with the mask on. Can you possibly give me some tips on how to be a decent caregiver. So the female is the dominant and the male is the submissive.

Communication and clear boundaries are important due to this being a BDSM aspect to your relationship. It good to set guidelines as to what each of you are comfortable with individuality and negotiate from there. This also allows you to set what your needs are in this aspect of your relationship. Like what type of aftercare is necessary to meet your needs after intimacy. Any and all kinks should be researched. Not just for how the act should be performed but also for safety.

And remember that not all BDSM relationship is the same. What works for one couple may not work for another. But as a new couple to MDLB it is important to go at a pace that is comfortable for both of you. Find what works for you guys. Experiment and keep it fun! This is a great opportunity to really get to know new aspect of yourselves not just as individuals but also as a couple. I wanted to let you know that Kitten and I are taking this week off for his birthday. It says we have about 50 ish to go through and answer however it also insisted that the box is empty.

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Will be closed when we reach between 30 and 50 questions, or the end of the week. Which ever comes first. If the inbox is truly empty than we will be opening it back up to allow for more questions. So keep your eyes open for that.

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Mommy dom little boy, Mommy. I don't know if you're familiar with the anime K-On or not, but the way you described your fiancee sounds very similar to Asuza Nakano. Maybe it's because she'll occasionally put on cat ears and meow, but she's also very intelligent and somewhat shy. She's also very protective of Yui, though I don't see you as being similar to her in any way.

Anyway, since NANA seems to be a favorite of yours, is musical drama anime your favorite kind? Or would you still prefer horror anime? I also enjoy action based animes too. I like to think that it is a very well rounded type of interest. Hey, Mommy! I was worried that something might've happened to you and kitty, but Mommy and I are glad you're doing okay.

May I ask what's been happening, or would you rather keep it a secret? Lots of doctors appointment and over mommy dom little boy trying to focus my mental well being. So things like answering questions here, s, or other day to day task become very difficult. So in those moments I mainly choose to focus on work and Kitten. You know focus a little more on things that bring me joy rather than getting fixated on things that frustrate me and make me sad. Things are getting better and I am doing better.

Trying to move forward with life and live the way I want to. Focus on my relationship with Kitten and so on. I appreciate it. I just want to make it clear to them what my bf and I enjoy is none of their business and facefarting is definitely not the sickest of the sickest fetishes.

Like seriously. Actually do you consider a fetish and a kink to be different things? Would you say it's more accurate to call mdlb a kink or fetish? I don't know your kinks, but if you were in my shoes, would you be more comfortable telling a close friend you're a mommy than telling them you fart on your boyfriend?

Personally for me I probably would feel comfortable talking to our friends about the mdlb aspect of our lives. So it a little different for us! But that alway what got us started on here. Ut os a way to get information out there and for Kitten to see that there are other mdlb couples. What would you call a dominant little? I'm having a little challenge here.

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I just mustered up the courage to show my boyfriend my little side and asked him if he could be my daddy. He accepted, but he assumed I want to be dominated by him, which is a huge turn-off for me. I explained to him I want a daddy sub, not a daddy dom, and I want to be the baby girl who rules over him. He's not against the idea, but he seems confused, like he can't picture a baby girl overpowering her Daddy. It is possible. A little who like to top.

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I like the idea and as long as it consensual then it fine! Are there some things you really want to do with kitten, but you struggle to commit to because of shyness? Like wear a specific outfit or perform some kind of activity? I really do like it when he wears the thigh socks and skirt. Naturally we look pretty opposite due to styles and everything but I think it be pretty cute if he dress more girly and we got some pictures.

Kinda cute idea. If anything he might at least due it for some pictures.

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I love Kitten with all my heart but sometimes even for is it can be hard to communicate because it can be embarrassing. But we still try our best. Do you think cosplay is a hobby that takes considerable confidence?

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I have quite a few friends who are into cosplay, but the only ones truly comfortable with showing pics are me and my friend who's really into Fire Emblem. One of them only cosplays Marceline from Adventure Time, and she's extremely camera shy. Two of them cosplay Harley Quinn, and one of them is also camera shy, and the other had one day of confidence, but is too shy for any more pics. Especially when starting out people can be very shy.

Many cosplayers will work out and do what they can to mommy dom little boy their desired figure for characters. Some decide to go pro. The biggest outfit that I have been slowly putting together is the one for my wedding. Do you think it's wrong for a sub to ask his domme to tone down her language? I don't know if it would come off as a sub being petty; I mean I'm used to her swearing profusely during sex, and I kinda enjoy it because of the emotional rawness.

That being said, when we're just having a general conversation, I get quickly annoyed hearing f-words mommy dom little boy c-words five times each every minute. Should I straight up ask her to tone it down, or should I first bring it to her attention?

I would first bring it to her attention. This is part of being in a relationship and communication. If it really bothers you outside of the bedroom then have a conversation about it and kindly ask her to at least tone it down a bit around you. I curse a lot too but like anything else in life there is a time and place. I try to reframe from cursing at work because I work with people who are very much my senior. So out of respect I tone it down drastically but if I am around my friends or general age group then I curse like a fucking sailor. Hey I was raised by one too!

Anyways, if an issue then communicate it with your partner and find a way to move forward with it. A good compromise if anything would be for her at the very least to cut back the cursing around you. I hope this helps! Posts Archive. Anonymous asked: Have you ever worn an eyemask or overhead mask when dominating kitten? Thank you for the questions Lil Ones! And as always Stay Safe!

First off welcome to the community! Best of luck! Hello Lil Ones! Postings will next week! Thank you for understanding Lil Ones! Anonymous asked: Hey, Mommy. Thank you for the question Lil Ones! Anonymous asked: Hey, Mommy! A tun of different things here and there. Anonymous asked: I appreciate it.

Mommy dom little boy

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