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The Western tourists — a Canadian brother and sister, a British woman and a Dutch man, who range in age from 22 to 24 — were ordered held for four days while an investigation is conducted, according to their lawyer, Ronny Cham.

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They could face jail terms of up to three months, Mr. Cham said. The four were part of a group of 10 trekkers who, after breaking away from a larger group, began to disrobe and take photographs, news reports said.

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Malay Mail Online reported that they insulted a guide who tried to stop them. After the magnitude 6 earthquake struck on Friday, killing 18 climbers, some officials were quoted as agreeing with the local sentiment that the nudity had angered the mountain and contributed to the quake.

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Neither Mr. Masidi nor Mr. Kaminski responded to requests for interviews on Wednesday. Kaminski wrote Wednesday morning on Twitter that he had boarded a flight departing Sabah. It was unclear whether he was still in Malaysia. Cham, the lawyer for the four foreigners, said that the police were looking for the other six who had been in the group that disrobed, but that some might already have left the country.

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Malaysia Arrests Foreigner Over Nude Pictures in Earthquake Furore