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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. Well, I was seeing that there are some videos of love wetting on the site, and I just curiously decided to investigate this site, and I found a very good video category, the tag would be "torture" and I will be posting the link here. Tiffany's task is to survive for as long as possible while Isabel's task is to torture her and make her desperation overall very uncomfortable.

Tiffany has to stand on one leg, squat down, watch Love wetting pour a bottle of water on the ground or pee a little and then stop immediately.

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I wish we had two cameramen to show her incredible desperation between the cuts! She was fighting bravely but lost when Isabel used her hands to push down on Tiffany's bladder. That was the end and Isabel could keep part of Tiffany's original reward. Claudia had 1. I don't think we've ever had a model who would be more desperate - she was totally "fucked up" and it shows. We allowed her to pee a bit from time to time but as you can see it didn't really help, it just made things even worse.

The very last peeing and wetting scene in this video proves how full her bladder was - what a flood! She is trying love wetting famous trick with running water, she squeezes Evelina's body and even pees in front of her with big relief. But Evelina is fighting bravely!

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She wets her pants a bit after some time but that was just a minor leak. She does pass the test and after three beers she can finally wet herself without losing her prize. So this is exactly what the cameraman kept ordering this model to do. He wanted Morgan to wet her pants a bit in various positions and then immediately stop peeing - which just increased her desperation and bladder pressure.

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This torture lasted just fifteen minutes - Morgan was literally shivering when we finally allowed her to release the content of her bladder through her nylons and pants, of course. Valentina will be love wetting various tasks to Nathaly and will try her best to make Nathaly pee herself. Nathaly has to hold it because everytime she pees the prize is lowered by CZK These contests are based on improvisations so watch the video yourself to see how it went - and how it ended. One member of our team was asked to torture Morgan for one hour and he did a pretty good job.

He kept pushing on her bladder and belly, Morgan had to do squats and there were plenty of similar small tests and moves with only one purpose: to make Morgan pee herself because not only she'd receive less money from us but also we'd have something cool to watch :- She also wore white panties for better visibility of all the wet spots.

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The resulting video is one of the best wetting videos we have ever filmed! Yes Naomi is a great model, but I do not know if she would be the best, I mean, I really enjoyed the video where Morgan is in white shorts, that was magic xD.

I love that website! I just wish it was a monthly subscription based site I think Annie with her power pees is my favorite. She even has a dedicated to her on their mother site wd girls where you get love wetting videos of her for being a member. Sadly I don't know anybody who is a member of that site. It's never said that for me Z1d, maybe try a different browser although I'm not sure that will make a difference. Too big, I've tried with a few recent videos and they are over 2. Some of them are not worth it, as I'm finding the game scenarios are a little lame, and the dialogue is all on Czech which is ok, but the subtitles clearly don't match up.

The way to 'shrink' video files that seem too big for the quality and length of their contents is usually to recode them with some more sensible codec usually just one of the most often used codecs like the default any conversion software suggests will do. For this, many tools are available for free on the internet. Personally I like to use love wetting open source converter HandBrake. Yes, I've spent way to much money on that site, but its worth it.

Kinda like the idea that you can choose what videos are worth your money. They have to keep delivering quality to keep bringing in money. The easiest software to use for compression is handbrake. I use it for converting most of my videos when I record in Fraps. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Paste as plain text instead.

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Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. Search In. Existing user? Or in with one of these services in with Twitter. with Discord. Love Wetting torture desperation wetting female nude. Followers 0. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. AkenoSama Posted January 12, Posted January 12, Link to post. These are great - thanks for posting! TheEnigmatic 68 Posted January 12, Love Wetting are my favourite professional wetting site. Love wetting videos are incredible.

WiiGuy86 Upvote Loading Melon91 28 Posted January 12, AkenoSama Posted January 13, Posted January 13, edited. I really appreciate it if someone sends one of the last two videos however in the full version xD. Sarah Posted January 13, Edited January 13, by Sarah see edit history. Posted January 13, Im only one who have problem with this site? Because if I want open it, it said " Not Found". Posted January 15, Sarah Posted January 17, Posted January 17, Has anyone had experience with the site so far?

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I'm tempted to buy a few videos! OscaMen Posted January 17, Euin 19 Posted January 17, Posted January 18, Hoolio79 8 Posted January 18,

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