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It was all local mistresses related, of course. Because both are under-the-radar service industries that require a certain level of discretion, the way clients find us works in pretty much the same way: by way of very quiet referrals. Most people will openly recommend a favorite restaurant or boutique to their friends; they may even write a review online for the local coffeehouse.

Those of us who work for ourselves often tend to think of a similar local business as an evil competitor. That guy. Not dominatrixes. They like to throw big parties and invite their VIP customers to mix it up with the dominatrix-competition. Why, you may ask? Who knows? Maybe a client brings a curious friend along — a potential new customer. Making friends in the business is not one of the first things other investigators think to do. Instead, they plot how to poach clients from their competitors, or how to find out what rates they charge.

First, worrying about what everyone else is doing is an exercise in futility. Some dominatrixes will take their show on the road. And who knows?

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They may pick up a client or two. Building a repertoire of sources takes time, effort and practice. If I need to talk to an expert in conducting interviews, I will call my friend Kevin Cosgrove. I know how they operate and can recommend them without hesitation. I listened to a podcast in which a dominatrix talked about how she interviews a first-time customer. Not local mistresses is she trying to figure out what the new client likes and dislikes, she also wants to get a sense of his medical history in case things go too far. Frankly, it kind of caught me by surprise.

I guess I was expecting the first encounter to include chains and whips, but it totally makes sense that words should come first. Setting the tone early in the conversation about what to expect, local mistresses not to expect, and some general rules of engagement can go a long way in making a happy client. There is nothing worse than a client who has enormous, seemingly unachievable expectations. Of the dozens of dominatrix websites that I looked at, for the most part, I found that they were professional, well laid out, and full of relevant information.

You could chat with the dominatrix in real time. All of the relevant information about how they did their work was right there on the website. But it makes sense. There is obviously quite a bit of mystery and secrecy in the dominatrix world, which probably makes people hesitant. But some of those barriers can be easily knocked down when you display a sense of professionalism. Go get yourself a Google Apps and have a real in about 10 minutes. How are they able to charge so much?

In a specialized service industry like investigation or dominationprice point can be considered a mark of professionalism.

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Private investigators are a dime a dozen —there are a million of them in the Yellow s. There you have it: some lessons in market domination you can take from a dominatrix. form protected by LockDown.

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Local mistresses

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