Knife play sex

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I posted a screenshot from Reddit that mentioned knifeplay on Twitter amisdiaries yesterday and the responses I got suggested that so many people do not know what exactly knife play entails. Knife play is a form of fear play and edge play a BDSM act that is dangerous, inadvisable and can easily cause harm. Think about how terrifying knife play can be! Hence, the more scared they are, the more pleasure they get and the easier it is for them to get an orgasm during knife play. Imagine how fun that will be if you are a submissive.

It can be so intense! It makes you hypersensitive and the sensation you feel when the knife touches any part of your skin can make you intensely aroused. Dominants love to take control because it turns them on and knife play gives them precisely that. Another thing is the reactions they get. The fear, excitement, and pleasure felt by the partner receiving the stimulation in physical reactions like gasps, their eyes widening if there are knife play sex blindfoldspupils dilating, twitches, and moans. It can be so arousing, knowing that they are giving their partner that much pleasure. Some kinksters prefer knife play resulting in pain and shallow cuts because they love enduring pain masochists or instilling pain on their partner sadists.

In such cases, the pain they get is translated into pleasure, making them enjoy the act. It also requires a level of trust, primarily because of how dangerous it can be.

They can quickly kill you if they want or cut you in your most fragile places and leave you with long-term health defects. All forms of knife play sex play knife play sex so much research, training and knowledge. Do not explore any unless you are well-equipped to make it as safe as possible. That aside, you need consent, and you need to have safewords before giving any kink a try. Your partner needs to know what exactly knife play entails, the risks involved and every other thing you have in mind before they can give consent. Secondly, you need a safeword. Once that word is said or you notice theyou stop whatever you are doing and talk about the way forward.

The truth is, sharp knives are dangerous. You might end up cutting your partner without meaning to, and interestingly, it is what gives some people the thrill they seek from knife play. If you are going to use a sharp nice during knife play, take note of the image below:. She could die from that! If you meet a woman who asks for it, ignore her. Anyone who self-harms and uses a blade or sharp objects to cut their skin because they are depressed, mentally ill or suicidal might seek solace in knife play. Hence, it is important to know how mentally stable a partner is before engaging in an act like that.

They can easily encourage you to keep going during the scene because they need the pain to distract them from their mental issues. Imagine how far a suicidal person can urge you to go because they are chasing death.

People who are into bloodplay aroused by blood, so they cut deeper to draw blood. Some are masochists who need to feel pain to feel good. Keep that in mind! Do you want to give knife play a try? Let me know in the comments! Do you have a story to share about knife play?

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Mental health isn't treated with much importance in her part of the world Ghana, Africa and as someone who has had to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts, she hopes to share her experiences with the world and help other people like her.

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Knife play sex

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