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Brightness Light Mode Dark Mode. It exploded onto the market just recently and everybody's interested. It automatically adds friends to your buddylist as they download the app. Check it out it's pretty nice.

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I just got it yesterday. When i first downloaded it it only showed one other friend with it the person who told me about it and after about 12 hours had gone by 50 of my friends had it. It's all over facebook and stuff. People are loving it!!! Kik Messenger Free real-time texting for all. Like 0. Originally Posted by quic.

Kalifornia Dude. Otherwise you have to pay for the SMS messages although I believe it's much cheaper than the carrier costs. Think Skype for SMS. Its the way they set kik forums up that you get ased a phone when you send the message.

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I don't know if this is dynamic of static but either way, you have to let everyone know that its you sending the message Conceptually though it is pretty cool but I am not seeing the same level of adoption to install it myself. I wish I could get everyone to use it I hate paying for text messages and loved BBM when I had it.

Originally Posted by zguy.

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This is just another IM that needs to be installed by everyone. There are several IMs that do that already. No app ever will work with BBM. RIM will keep that a closed system. It's their trump card over other platforms. The only way to get anything close to multi platform is convince people to adopt a new app.

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But yeah it's basically an IM app with some extra kik forums. Liveprofile is very similar. Has anyone noticed a drop in battery life? The issue with apps like this is that they poll, which keeps a data connection open, so it's a major battery hog. I've only been running it for since yesterday but i notice no batter life issues. My battery life is consistent today with how it's been since i've had my phone.

Battery life has been better than Liveprofile for me. And I agree that Liveprofile is similar to Kik. I still maintain that the definition of "cross platform" is misleading. Originally Posted by iamlilysdad. Originally Posted by bnob. Blue Planet Apps is working on a cross platform messenger that will allow you to send messages to BBM phones. Not sure when it will be released but apparently they have found a way to make this work.

Unless I've interpreted their kik forums and website wrong and the BB user will also have to download an app to make it work. Crosstalk by BluePlanetApps. Hi All, this is Ted from Kik. Just wanted to jump on the thread, and answer a few questions.

Battery: unlike other chat apps, we don't do any polling. Instead, we push down messages to the device, and then open up a direct connection to the server, so long as you're still chatting. This not only minimizes battery life usage, but it also makes messaging kik forums fast our favorite part of the app BBM: RIM will never open it up, which is why we made Kik.

Overall, we are quite proud, but also amazingly humbled to see what has happened with Kik. Adoption has gone "viral" 80K new users in the last 2 days, and accelerating. We hope you'll all give it a shot, and if you have any problems, please let us know. We really want to make Kik awesome, and the only way we can do that is by listening to people like you. Ted Ted. Kik has a serious privacy flaw. Kik ties in a person's username with their address.

Kik then sorts through the person's addressbook to find potential friends. I understand the usefulness of finding other Kik users quite easily but there should be an ability to turn off the feature that allows Kik to search for other Kik users in your addressbook and SPAMMING them with a "you may know" message. I got so much adds right at the start im overwhelmed! It works pretty good.

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Only thing I don't like is how people assume you've invaded their privacy because the app automatically suggests people as friends. I don't mean to be negative but I don't see what Kik offers that I don't already get with Google Talk. Kik doesn't allow sending of files or pictures. Even worse, I ran into a word limit or some type of limit. I sent a message to a friend and it got cut off and I had to send it incomplete and start another message.

I've never had that happen with Google Talk. Can someone explain what makes Kik any better? Originally Posted by French. So far Kik forums enjoyed the app.

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None of these new cross platform apps are offering groups. Until they do, i'll pass. Originally Posted by ReggieTee. I'm giving up on IMs due to battery: They gobble-up battery power like crazy. All times are GMT The time now is PM. Digital Point modules: Sphinx-based search.

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