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Albrecht - A warrior of the Kassar. Al-Ka -a slave of the Preist-Kings whom later after kajira names nest war Misk freed. Andreas -He was of the Caste of Poets from Tor. He was imprisioned and enslaved in Tharna. Ba-Ta -a slave to the Preist-Kings later freed ater the nest war by Misk. He is the indentical twin to Al-Ka. Bosk - This was the name given to Tarl Cabot when he was slave to telima. He retained the name in Port Kar to become one of the highest ranked Captains in the city. Callius - He was a tarnskeeper for the steel faction in Ar.

Caprus - He was the chief ant for the House of Cernus in Ar. He is of the Caste of Scribes. Cernus - A slaver of Ar that was for a short time named Ubar of the city. He was master of the House of Cernus. He was also a agent of the Kur. Clark - A warrior of Thentis. Master of the House of Clark. She was captured and made slave. He betrayed the house trying to kill the Master of the House.

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Clitus - A fishermanand master of the net and trident. One of Bosk most trusted men in Port Kar. Conrad - Ubar of the Kassars. Dorna The Proud -She was second in Tharna. She conspired with Thorn and sold Lara into slavery thus becoming Tatrix only to be defeated by the forces headed by Tarl Cabot. Eechius - A boy of the rencers that was killed by slavers. She was made slave and ended up slave of Tarl Cabot. Falarius - He was a guard in the House of Cernus in Ar. Flaminius - A physicain of the House of Cernus in Ar.

Gladius - He was a tarn racer for the steel faction. He was from Cos. He was actually Tarl Cabot. Hakimba - Ubar of the Kataii. Harold - A warrior if the Tuchuks. Henrak - He was a rencer that aligned himself with the slavers of Port Kar to help in the capture raid of the rence islands.

He was betrayed by his own men and they attempted to kill him. Later Bosk freed him and he became kajira names of his most trusted men. Hereena -A freewoman of the first wagon of the Tuchuks. She later becomes slave to Harold. Hersius - Legendary hero of Ar. Ho-Bar - A guard of Turia that Harold was asking for on top of a keep. He was once a exoctic bred slave from the galleys.

Hup -he was considered a fool and a beggar on the streets of Ar. He was a small dwarf of a man that was badly disfigured. Kamchak -Ubar of the Tuchuks. Sword brother to Tarl Cabot. Kamras - Champion of Kajira names of the Warrior Caste. Kazrak - a warrior of Port Kar. He helped Tarl Cabot and became his sword brother before the seige of Ar.

When Marlenus was exiled from the city he was named admistrator of Ar. Kliimus -he was a tavern keeper of a tavern in Ar that favored the green faction of the tarn races. He was used in the games of amusements and was help to Tarl Cabot in the revolt of the silver mines. Kurrus - this name was used twice in the books, Once as the name of a guard on top of a keep in Turia. But most noteably as the name Tarl Cabot used as a asassin when he went to Ar.

Kusk - the Preist-King that worked on genetic experiments on humans. Lara -Tatrix of Tharna. She was once a cruel leader of the city,but after being betrayed and sold as a slave then being restored to power by Tarl Cabot she reigned as a true leader. Linna -She was one of the high council of Tharna. She was sentenced to slavery during the early years of Laras reign for loving a man. She became the cheif ant of the House of Bosk and was later freed. She was of the scribes.

Lysias - A Captain of Port Kar that over saw the slave raid on the rencers. Marlenus - Ubar of Ar. He is considered to be the Ubar of Ubars. Matthew Cabot -Originally of earth. Tarls father,Adminstrator of Koroba. Once Ubar of the City in times Of war.

He is of the warrior caste. He was killed when he spoke against Cernus. Melipolus - One of the great tarn Racers. Menicus - from Port Kar. He was considered to be one of the best tarn racers on GOR. Mintar - Merchant of Port Kar. Tarl Cabot ed his caravan after besting Kazarak in a challenge. Mip - He was a tarn keeper in the tarncots of Ar. He was once one of the greatest tarn racers on GOR. Misk - the Preist-King that is close to Tarl Cabot. He was the one that became in charge of the nest after Sarm was defeated. Minus Tentius Hinrabian - Adminstrator of Ar.

He took over after Kazrak left. He was of the Caste of Builders. Nar -one of the 8 legged spider people of the swamps near Ar. It kajira names the ability to speak. Om - the high initiate of Ar. Ost - was one of the conspirators with Dorna the Proud to overthrow Lara but was first caught before his plans could be carried out.

He was of Tharna. Pa-Kur -Master Assasin of Ar. Tried to overtake the city as Ubar when Marlenus was exiled but was defeated by Tarl Cabot. This name is taken in online GOR. He was once of the Caste of Psychians. Phanius Turmis - Administrator of Turia.

He was of the Warrior Caste. Philemon - He was a scribe of Tyros. Portus - He was a slaver of Ar. Master of the House of Portus. Qualius kajira names A blind kaissa player from Ar. Quintus - A player of kaissa from Tor. Relia - A Freewoman of Koroba. Rena - this name was used several times in the books for Freewomen and slaves but the first time it was mentioned kajira names the books it was scrawled on the side of the Sardar Mountains. He also held the seat of First in the Council of Captains.

She was the first slave Tarl Cabot ever saw whom he later freed.

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Sandros -He was a warrior of Thentis that was slain in Tarl Cabots place. Saphrar - A merchant of Turia that was aligned with the Kur kajira names take over the city. He was defeated by the kajira names people and Tarl Cabot. Saphronicus -Captain of the Guards in Ar. Scormus - From Ar. He is one of the greatest kaissa players on Gor. Seremides - He was First sword of Ar. Serus - A Priest-King who was one of Sarms chohorts in the nest war. Spindus -A tavern keeper in Ar.

Stam -First gaurdsman to the North gate of Tharna. Strius - A guard who does the branding of the slaves in the House of Cernus in Ar. Tai - A tarnsman of Tharna. She was daughter of Marlenus. She later becomes a slave. He is the Main Character in the 25 novels Of Gor.

His city is Koroba. Tarl -Master of Arms of the City of Koroba. It was he who Tarl Cabot was named after. He was refered in the books as the older Tarl. It was he who taught Tarl Cabot weapons and swordmanship and to ride a tarn. Tendite -The name of tenchika when she was a Turian Freewoman. Tenrik - Captain of a ship in Tyros that bought Bosk as a galley slave. Tersites - A brillant shipwright,thought to be mad. Tethar Aphris father,he was the richest merchant in Turia. Thurnock - he was of the caste of peasants and a master of the long bow. He was one of Bosk most trusted men in Port Kar.

Tolnus -Ubar of the Paravaci. Torm -Head scribe of Koroba. Tarl Cabots teacher of the Gorean language and laws and such. Vancius -A guard in the House of Cernus in Ar. She scorned Tarl Cabot and submitted as a slave to the Captain of Tharna.

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