Joanna cameron bikini

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She was stunning.

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I think it's true about the crossover appeal of her character. Oddly, check out her shoes in the second photo, I dunno if it matches :. She really was quite lovely. Maybe not as outright sexy as some, but really quite lovely.

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The white bikini in the Spiderman episode Plus she was a great actress, I could never understand how she didn't pursue her acting career and become a huge TV or Film actress. Huge crush on her when I was little Oh mighty Isis! I saw the series in the 70s together with Captain Marvel which has yet to make it to DVD but that's a rant for another time and it was one of my favorites.

Isis managed to look powerful, serene, sexy and wise all at once - a true goddess. I'm fortunate enough to own the now out of print DVD set with the whole series.

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One of those gorgeous ladies back then. I agree with those who share my admiration for classic beauties such as Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, and the cast of Charlie's Angels among others!

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Thanks for sharing it! I only ask because 2 of your Space Babes are contestants in it Farrah Fawcett-Majors and JoAnna Cameron, if you ever get the opportunity to see it yo should it a real hoot. By the way this is a fantiastic blog, it's like I've gone back it time, what great memories, thanks. Nothing in print that I can find about whether Cameron ever had a family of her own.

What a loss to the gene pool if she never had any kids!

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I hate to say I forgot about that series and now looked it up and now completely remember it and yes her. I do agree with her starting first on your list because she does have a natural beauty that was above and beyond most of that time and the show was cute too.

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I miss those simple times but i wish they had the special effects of today but she was the best! Mark January 11, at AM. Franklin January 11, at PM. El Vox January 14, at PM. Matthew Slepin January 11, at PM. Mark January 11, at PM. Luis January 12, at PM. ArcLight January 14, at AM. Sarge May 6, at PM. Anonymous October 22, at AM. Unknown October 3, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Joanna cameron bikini

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