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I decided to evaluate this hosting because I saw that it is used in some blogs and forums and I wanted to know more about it.

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During some days I was publishing some images in forums to evaluate the service until I was able to reach the minimum amount for payout. It should be clarified that the minimum amount is different depending on the chosen payment method, and that is not stated on the main.

These are the minimums:. These images are just examples to show how the interface looks. I requested the payout last week, it was 1. The next day, when I woke up in the morning to have breakfast, I found this in my inbox. It is in Spanish because Spanish is imgrock net native language and I have configured PayPal in Spanish.

In conclusion, ImgRock is legit and they pay accordingly. No, it is not.

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Perhaps it could be useful for photographers or artists who have their own website or share their content on social media, but I think it is not the best way to monetize because the user imgrock net not have control over the the site shows.

The are not suitable for. I repeat, the are not suitable for. I mean, the are often NSFW not safe for work. So, in general, if you want to look serious and professional, do NOT use this service. I like to write about all my hobbies and interests. Technology at the service of art and entertainment and vice versa? Crypto Adventure.

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Ori Levi. It only takes 15 seconds and it's free. Alternatively up with .

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Already have an ? Check CEX. Scam or legit?

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But let's not jump to the conclusion. First, let's see everything that this hosting offers: Earn Money up to 8. Unlimited Storage for each user. These are the payout rates, according to the official website: Conditions: Rates are per views. Only one view from an IP per 24 hours is counted. Views are not counted if the visitors have ad blocker enabled.

Enough introduction, let's dive in! This is how the reports panel looks after a few days. Upon reaching the minimum amount it is possible to request a payout from the My section.

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And these are the transaction details viewed from PayPal switched to English this time. Is ImgRock the best way to monetize your content? Cryptocurrency Passive Income Earn Money.

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How do you rate this article? Between Tech And Art Technology at the service of art and entertainment and vice versa? We pay the tips from our rewards pool. Crypto Adventure 6 hours ago 2 minute read. Ori Levi 14 Jul 4 minute read. Register. Earn Crypto for Publishing and Reading. Up with Facebook. Up with Twitter.

Imgrock net

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