I want to be pegged

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Years after the infamous Broad City episode where Abbi wears a strap-on, Toronto men are finally experiencing the agony and ecstasy of butt play — and they're bending over in droves. Butt plug ceramic stem vases by Pansy Ass Ceramics.

Anal Bead stem vase by Pansy Ass Ceramics.

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Ask any man about the first time he was pegged, and that memory is usually pretty clear, too. Pegging, the term for when a woman anally penetrates a man while wearing a strap-on, was coined by Savage Love readers nearly two decades ago. But then gradually, pegging started to enter the mainstream.

Dan Savage answered hundreds of questions in his weekly column from men and women interested in trying it.

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Pegging was referenced in an episode of TV show Weeds in and was discussed in the raunchy Canadian comedy Young People Fucking in Then inon a now-infamous episode of Broad CityAbbi is asked by her crush Jeremy to peg him. She freaks out at first and calls her friend Ilana for advice, then ultimately puts on the strap-on dildo and penetrates Jeremy.

That piqued his interest, so he began experimenting on himself, starting with fingers and then one time using a pen. Almost all the men we spoke to said the first time they were pegged, it was the woman who initiated it. Robert was pegged for the first time inwhen he met an older, married woman on a dating site. She was sexually adventurous with a high sex drive, and according to Robert, very experienced. When he told his partner, she reassured him that his experience would be the opposite.

She started by pleasuring his anus orally and digitally before building up to pegging, using lots of lubrication, going slowly and asking for feedback. With his current partner, Robert waited a few months before bringing up pegging and was thrilled to find she was into it. They also offer harnesses made by local leather company Aslanand dildos that fit into them. Their workshops on pegging are highly popular and are attended by folks of diverse genders, sexualities and levels of experience. The next pegging workshop at Kink is on February David, one of the most experienced men NOW interviewed, says he wishes there had been pegging workshops and sex stores selling strap-ons when he started doing it 20 years ago.

Part of that is because David is bisexual and has been open about being anally penetrated by men. Fear of anal penetration equating to homosexuality was a stigma we heard across the board, and the main reason why most straight men never talk i want to be pegged pegging with their male friends.

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David agrees. Their kitschy and X-rated tchotchkes exploring gay male identity and sexuality became a sensation online a couple years ago. Their work is currently on display at the Art Gym Denver as part of the group show Sexxxhibition and their Pansyland exhibition opens at Superfine! Art Fair in Los Angeles on February Check out more work at pansyassceramics.

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And you gain a whole new respect for women as we open our minds enough to enjoy the penetration and all of the beautiful and intense feelings, the pleasure! But the intement. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By Michelle da Silva Feb 6, Survey: Most Toronto real estate brokers want to end blind bidding Brokers and consumers agree that offer transparency is needed to manage sky-high house prices. Say hello to my friendly neighbourhood cannabis plant Life. Jim Cuddy says that playing music with his sons is the best thing ever Features.

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I want to be pegged

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Straight Guys, Here's Why You Should Give Pegging a Chance