How to find nudes of girls you know

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The ultimate Internet revenge, viewed by a quarter of a million people every day. It shut down.

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Now it's back. The infamous pic hub, which mixed masturbation and mass-shaming by gleaning x-rated selfies from Facebook and private texts, eventually bowed to legal pressure and the shouts of cyber-bullying. But its creator, Hunter Moore, just launched a new siteand it looks like the baron of revenge porn sleaze is unrepentant.

If anything, he's excited to be back:.

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I sold it because i hated what the media turned it into and it could never be what i wanted it to be and always wanted to troll the lame and boring fad that soccer moms love and thats "bullying". We had too many hackers too much overhead and way too many legal problems. This time I am doing it right. We are going to start off by launching with all the old IAU content and all new content.

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The submission has only been up for five full days and we've done over 7thousand submission within that time. I am creating something that will question if you will ever want to have. I am making something very scary but yet fun.

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If you remember the old IAU you will have it back but with a mobile APP to go along with it and a very strong social networking site of our community. I hope you are all as excited as i am. The submission says it all: this is streamlined porn terrorism. You can submit up to ten shots of your victim at once, and HunterMoore.

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Expect this to temporarily ruin many social lives once it opens its doors to jilted lovers and sociopaths. I am wondering how many headless fake pics will be linked to a FB profile of someone just to terrorize them. I am also wondering how it is they will be sure the pics they show are of people over I am all for internet freedom, but I hope this site gets shut down fast, as it reeks of exploitation and extortion.

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The A. By Sam Biddle.

How to find nudes of girls you know

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