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Jump to. Satyanarayan Paliwal, 42, a resident of Lathi in Jaisalmer was last week arrested under the Official Secrets Act on charges of spying, officials said. Accused Satyanarayan Paliwal said he got greedy and started sending more sensitive information about the Indian Army to ISI for more such photos and long conversations.

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The accused also told investigators that he was in contact with these guy nudes via a fake on social media. He used the same to send confidential information across the border. Intelligence officials said that Paliwal had been in touch with ISI for a long time via social media s and was honeytrapped for critical information.

The officials said that the accused was being watched for some time and many Army documents were found in his mobile phone when he was detained in Jaisalmer. He has confessed to being in touch with an agent of Pakistan intelligence agency and possessing sensitive military information. Meanwhile, accused Satyanarayan Paliwal has been brought to Jaipur.

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Along with the intelligence agencies of Rajasthan, the Army is also interrogating him. Also Read Honey-trapped on Facebook, Rajasthan-based civil defence employee accused of spying for Pakistan. Also Read Government scientist held hostage after getting honey-trapped, rescued by police.

for IndiaToday. Greed for nudes made me betray my country to ISI, says honeytrapped Rajasthan man Rajasthan man, arrested on charges of spying for Pakistan, told investigators that he was lured with photos of nude women.

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The accused said it was his greed for more such photos that made him leak sensitive military information.

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Greed for nudes made me betray my country to ISI, says honeytrapped Rajasthan man