Gun play kink

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Hey nonny, sure gun play is a thing, and many find it right up their alley. Prompt: Sherlock fucks John with his gun. Happiness is a Warm Gun in Your Mouth by taylorpotato, 2 k, explicit. Locked to AO3. Sherlock likes it when John acts like a soldier. He likes it even more when John brings the gun to bed with them. Happiness is a Warm Gun by hifunctioning, 8 k, explcit.

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Sherlock has a gun kink. John has a gun.

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Just Transport by izzygone, 3 k, explicit. Rape fantasy. A gun.

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Certain Skills by NoStraightLine, 3 k, explicit. Never even imagined it.

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Steel Evidence by recreational, 6 k, explicit. Sherlock is bored. John decides to use his gun to make him unbored. Smut ensues. Bite the Bullet by beltainefaerie, 3 k, explicit. Improper Usage of Firearm by janto FaceofMer1 k, explicit. A bit of roleplay never hurt anyone.

Especially when Sherlock has John on his knees and calling him Sir. Dog Tags by Tindomerelhloni, 10 k, explicit. John needed some air. He wandered into a sex shop and found the bondage section. Sherlock was shocked to see John standing in front of him in full military fatigues. This was going to be an interesting day.

Sherlock decides he does want to go hunting with John after all. But not for deer.

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I appreciate everything you do!! Next Post thank you for all the fic recs you do! I appreciate them so much and i was wondering if you know of any recent-ish ones where sherlock has a military kink. Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. required Address never made public.

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Saturday Kink: Gun!play