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Have you been practising how you walk and sit as I explained to you in the earlier posts? Good girl! I like when you practise like that, but I am sure we can do much more than just sitting and walking, right? Are you ready, dear? So apart from walking and sitting, what else is different between you and the most admired girl, you know? But what is the ificant difference? So today you will pick up one girl whom you admire the most for being a girly girl.

You can select someone from office, friends or relatives or even neighbours! You will not be worried about her clothes for now. If you were doing it correctly, you already have a little girly walk and know how to sit like a girl. What you will observe is how she stands, how she holds things, how she bends or sits. You will watch her mannerisms.

You will make a note of her movements and pose. You will practise them when you are alone. I want you to pick at least five things about her and practise them girly sissies day until you can copy girly sissies correctly:. You can also observe her for the expressions, you can practise them too.

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I would love to see you mimic some of her expressions and movements. You will do this till you girly sissies copy her perfectly. You should become her carbon copy. Understood, silly? The other reason is guys love to see dainty little girls, they love looking at girly girls, they love them because they can overpower them. You like that too? No silly, not overpowering the girls, but being a girly girl. You can do this task with as many girls as possible, in fact, it should become your second nature, you should be able to copy something from every girl you see. There are so many things you see, like how she tucks her hair, how she smiles, how she pouts, you know the list is endless….

So start with the first one today, and let me know how it goes. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Hello, my lovely Gurls! I want you to pick at least five things about her and practise them every day until you can copy them correctly: How she holds her bags, tote, clutch, etc. How does she stand at different times? Identify three different poses. How she waves her hands, to say bye and hi? How she holds her cup of coffee or tea? How she takes a selfie? You should be able to improve on this one!

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Girly sissies

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