Girls sock fetish

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One year-old has opened up on Reddit about her worries for the future of the relationship of her boyfriend. Reddit user Relacun told of her woes all due an overpowering sexual fetish her year-old boyfriend has, which involves socks. Despite the couple being together for more than 3 years, it is their sexual differences that seem to be spelling trouble for the couple. It's a girls sock fetish soft kink in my opinion, not intimidating or off-putting in the least, but it's the severity to which it owns his life. He's in to a very specific kind of socks, in only one color.

He's very particular about the shape, height, cut, fabric, etc but once those needs are met you don't really have to do much else to get him off. So long as a girl is wearing socks to this specific preferences he's as aroused as possible, they don't even have to do anything. We were at a mall and he leaned over and whispered in my ear that he had a thing for these kind of socks. I was like damn wow getting straight to it, but I also found it kind of cute.

He's a quiet, serious guy and knowing he had such a weak point was admittedly interesting. Well, I obliged and quickly learned how severely this fetish takes over his life. Hes obsessed, he knows he's obsessed.

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Neither of us really know what to do about it. I have no issue with it in bed, I'm fine with wearing them and watching him get all hot and bothered, I'm used to wearing them to work we work in different departments of the same store and flashing them every so often to get him a little riled up. We've built a so far successful sex life together, and hes been equally supportive of my own kinks. But that's not enough for him.

He'll be satisfied for a while and then while we're cuddling bring up something about how he needs more satisfaction. I'll try and spice things up with his fetish videos, sex positions, other nsfw thingsbut it always hits a plateau. Despite this girl indulging her boyfriend in his fantasies, she worries about him cheating on her with another socks-wearing lady.

I mean, it's normal to want to see what you find attractive on other people, but this has only really become a topic when he's become less and less satisfied with me. During cuddles or sometimes in casual girls sock fetish he'll go "I want to see other girls in these socks, but it never happens.

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You know I'd never leave you for it. He's even asked me for a threesome where another girl simply wears the socks around I've noticed when he sees a cute girl he'll glance at her feet first and then her face. Most people obviously don't think much of it but it doesn't sit right with me. Again I know he can't help this much as it's probably something he does without consciously deciding to, but is more evidence that he's looking for fap material in other girls!

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My roommate even brought up a story with me that she just thought was weird and funny about how he told her something was on her shoes and she pulled up her pantleg to look, but nothing was there. She doesn't know about his fetish and just thought it was a weird moment, but I knew she was wearing some of my socks because our laundry gets mixed up and that he was looking for a show.

I asked him about it and he firmly denied it, which sat poorly with me. I have more examples but I don't want this to get too much longer Check out our Girls With Goals interview below! One girl is looking for advice on how to deal with her boyfriend's peculiar fetish.

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Girls sock fetish

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One girl is looking for advice on how to deal with her boyfriend's peculiar fetish