Genuine leaked pics

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The power and influence wielded by the rich and famous is often largely thanks to their carefully constructed personal brands.

But this can all be thrown into jeopardy by one mistake or unplanned event. The steps the person affected takes next can be the difference between a minor, controlled blip and a career-ending nightmare. This is where a damage control expert like Eric Schiffer steps in.

Mr Schiffer says he was hired by several of the women targeted in the iCloud hack, which saw intimate photos of celebrities shared on the forum 4Chan. What can a damage control company do after nude photos of famous men or women are leaked? We nuked them off the web. While the concept of removing virtually all trace of an image from the internet may seem unlikely, he says this is "absolutely" possible.

Containing this specific incident was difficult but completed within two weeks, according to Mr Schiffer. I think it would have been a powder cake because of the nature of the images against her image and we annihilated them. My philosophy is authenticity, being genuine and ability first.

The human side of managing crisis situations is key: everyone makes mistakes, no-one is perfect. Some will want to create this fuselage against the press which is not the way to go; you need to have a certain level of ability. Look at Ryan Lochtewho went straight to Instagram through his advisor - he has a great advisor who I have respect for.

That should stop the bleeding for him. He says that in some cases, those in danger of dropping to B or C-list will actually leak their own nudes to secure their place as A-list in what he calls "orchestrated bombshells". thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later?

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Genuine leaked pics

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