Freckle fetish

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The freckle fetish is an essential kink for individuals who appreciate the effect that decorative imperfections have when seen on very pale skin.

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The patterns that freckles make on the face lead the fetishist to speculate about how complex they might be on the rest of the body and the thought of that nakedness becomes less about the exposure of the figure than finding the answer to that puzzle. The frequency of freckles, their size, depth of colour and density complicate the surface of the skin, emphasising movement, tautness and curve in an easy, organic way that seduces the eye almost subliminally. The longer a fetishist can look at and enjoy a heavily freckled individual, the deeper the visual delirium becomes for them.

Freckles have become so closely associated with redhe that they have become a vital third part of a multiple fetish. Red hair and white skin would be ificant enough on their own terms but with the random, organic patterning of pigment to visually bind them together, freckle fetish continued power of this fetish becomes clear.

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Beauty products do not make you beautiful. In actual fact, they do the opposite. In my opinion, they make you become reliant upon them. It is only when you wear them that you feel beautiful.

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This state of affairs can hardly be called empowering. I have worn makeup since I was thirteen years old. I suffered from the combination of pale skin and acne. I became obsessive about covering my face up.

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I used: foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and lipgloss. I recall that I hated seeing my face without makeup on. I could barely look at myself in the mirror.

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I felt ugly. It can take a lot of hard work to create a photo.

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A professional photo-shoot requires the skills of the model, the photographer, stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists. My intention is to reflect reality instead. One …. Most official calendars require a lot of preparation and although mine was no different I stayed up until 6am to finish itthere …. My slave likes to watch me on Skype as I go through the ritual of applying my make-up.

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It is a strange and exciting …. According to most celebrity lifestyle magazines the side boob is the new cleavage. Sideboob Fetish ». Normally, red lingerie is perceived as being really tacky. Even for a fur fetishist like me, it seems unthinkable that I wore furs on the beach in January, especially when I feel …. Lipstick Fetish ».

Freckle fetish

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Freckle Fetish