Femboy guide

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Identify as a male and enjoy doing things that people consider feminine. Height, weight, clothes, shape, and hormones are not required. No hyper femininity required.

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Accept yourself at the base and build off of it. Im super fem but i keep the kinky stuff in the bedroom js you do not need to degrade yourself ti be a femboy. Some people want to take estrogen to help them reach the "ideal femboy look". When used correctly, it helps but it has negative consequences if used carelessly. Femboy guide should I tell my parents I'm gay and a femboy and I am emo and like wearing black grey and white?

My personal way of "telling people" is letting them put the pieces together until they figure it out. Let the small stuff get discovered until they realize it. Its also good for predicting how they will react to being told directly. How to be a femboy Guide. Posted by 7 months ago.

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Sort by: best. Finally another person who gets it.

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Femboy guide

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How to be a femboy (Guide)