Fat girl snapchat

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The Alabama girl has spent years learning to love herself. It was going well until 3 girls used Snapchat to fat-shame the young woman. But her response is so inspirational!

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So, she headed to the gym and spent 45 minutes working out between the stair climber and treadmill. She was feeling pretty proud as well she should have! Three girls at the gym — girls Kynadi knew from high school — were using their cell phones to take photos of Kynadi as she worked out. They were then ing the photos to social networking app, Snapchat, with cruel captions such as "fat whale.

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Hurt and embarrassed, Kynadi considered quitting. She persevered, turning to social networking site, Reddit, to vent her frustration over the fat-shaming. Today I found out they have been snap chatting pictures of me and making fun of me, but I don't mind. But a broken hip forced her to abandon all exercise. And once her hip healed, her beloved grandma got sick. The kind granddaughter dedicated all of her time to caring for her ill grandma. And when she passed away, Kynadi turned to food for comfort, gaining even more weight.

I love who I am, and that took me my entire life to be able to honestly say those words. I love myself. So, while the bullying stung, Kynadi refused to let it impact her self-worth. After all, that comes from God, NOT from any human!

And Fat girl snapchat decided to use the criticism as motivation to keep going rather than letting it deter her. I hope anyone else, who feels ugly or is over weight and has decided to make a life change will keep going. There will always be those out there looking to tear others down.

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Fat girl snapchat

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