Example d/s scenes

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All you need is a willing partner. You fall into a routine and begin looping through familiar patterns, which example d/s scenes become less engaging over time. Another key benefit is being able to explore your desires more deeply than you otherwise would. This can expand your pleasure chest of possibilities. Yes, you may get some teasing for it as a result, but so what? Just tease people back for being so boring and vanilla. Teasing is good because it means those people are disqualifying themselves from being a match for this interest.

Just stand firm in expressing your interest. After the incompatible people excuse themselves, you may start getting expressions of interest from like-minded people who share your interest. How many people have jobs and bosses? How many people behave submissively at times?

How many people automatically obey traffic laws when driving, without even thinking about it? Commanding and obeying are ubiquitous in society.

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A terrific way to do that is through play, where you can feel free to explore and experiment without such severe consequences if you make a mistake. In some cities you can find BDSM meet-up groups. The quality of these groups can vary wildly. Some are great and attract wonderful people. Other groups are downright scuzzy. You can always look for a group on meetup. That kind of attitude will only slow your growth to a crawl. Example d/s scenes attitude shift is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to attract play partners.

You can do them in a few minutes. And even if you manage to do it once, the resistance will be there again the next time. Be honest, patient, and steadfast. Then you have a few options. You can leave that relationship and find a more compatible partner. Note that your partner just has to be willing.

First, decide who will be dominant and who will be submissive, at least during a given session. If you like to switch roles, you can trade off now and then. Some people like static roles; others like to mix it up. Just command. Your partner still has the option to decline if they want to, but know that you can issue any command you want, no matter how over-the-top it may seem. Expect to be obeyed. Then let your partner react and respond. Be willing to push and explore.

Give some commands beyond what you think is reasonable. See how your partner responds. You may be surprised. These surprises can really spice up a connection. Speak, move, and behave submissively. Get into the mindset that your life purpose is to serve, obey, and please your partner. That is the only thing that you need to think about.

Whatever your partner commands you to do, obey immediately and enthusiastically. Encourage your partner to give you commands that are wilder, edgier, sluttier, etc. Some people find it helpful to use a safe word in certain play sessions. This is a word or phrase anyone can use to call a time out.

It only stops early if the safe word is spoken. If anyone wants to stop, they can just say they want to stop. Then you both stop and discuss the situation. A fun way to get into your roles is to adopt your own titles. How do you want your partner to address you? You can discuss these in advance and agree upon something you both like. The generic terms are Dom for dominant and sub for submissive. I prefer using Master and slave. These terms are arbitrary, so you can substitute whatever you like for your own practice: MistressLordservantpetexample d/s scenesetc.

My girlfriend is pretty slavebut I ased that one to her. Since this type of play is so personal, people can get attached to their titles, and it can feel unsettling if someone else uses the same title. I suggest using a title that gives you an emotional zing when you hear it, so hearing your title is like a mild stimulant. On some level, it excites and arouses you. Use whatever titles you like.

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Or use none at all if you prefer. In your fantasies how would you like people to refer to you? This is a common protocol and helps reinforce the roles. You can use this rule when texting or ing.

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This can help to create a playful vibe. Pretty slave is a good and obedient slave. One benefit of having titles is that using them is an easy way to al intent. Similarly, I can be in the middle of a normal conversation with her, but as soon as I call her pretty slaveour connection shifts into a more playful mode. Now try saying it more submissively.

Some Masters like to formally train their slaves and even run them through a training program. So feel free to instruct your slave to behave exactly as you desire. Have your slave practice certain behaviors until such behavior pleases you. Your slave should delight and please you in all of the ways that matter to you. If anything needs adjustment, command your slave to adjust it. Keep example d/s scenes standards for compliance high.

Actively fulfill them. Make them real. Stop wanting, and start having. Delve into the rich experience of actually having what you desire. Having is better than wanting.

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So teach your slave how to help you create the experiences you want to have, exactly as you desire to have them. If there are certain details that matter to you, like having your slave wear a collar, then get those details right. The presence of a willing partner who wants to help you explore and experience your desires is a tremendous gift. Honor and respect that gift by receiving it graciously and enjoying it fully.

You can also train your partner to respond to you appropriately. How do you want your partner to speak, move, and behave in your presence? Do you like eye contact, or should your partner submissively look down? Whatever you want to try, command it, and see how you like it. Then create ongoing rules for the patterns you like. Why leave your partner guessing? Why example d/s scenes make it easier for your partner to please you? Command your partner to receive. Stretch your imagination, try lots of new ideas, and command your partner to give you honest feedback.

Learn what your partner likes, do more of it, and get better at it. An especially fun thing to do is to command your slave to always agree with you. Deny your slave the ability to disagree with you about anything ever. This is a hard rule to enforce, and you may not want to enforce it all the time, but it can be fun in certain situations. Remember that you can command anything you desire. Stretch yourself to try new things. Explore and experiment to learn more about what you like and what your partner likes.

Just do your best to obey, and let your Master adjust your behavior if you make a mistake. Just promptly obey. You can also command your slave to sing some slavey affirmations at random times each day, just to mix it up a bit. If that sort of thing excites you, indulge yourself.

I prefer more sensual commands. For some people, having a slave perform acts of service can be emotionally intense, so you might find this appealing if acts of service make you feel very loved. You can command your slave to always enthusiastically agree to sex example d/s scenes you desire, to seduce you when you want to be seduced, to wear arousing outfits, to give you oral sex, to have sex in whatever positions you desire, and even to invite threesomes if you want.

You can command your slave not to have an orgasm without permission. For example, give your slave oral sex until close to orgasm. You can prolong this kind of teasing for days if you want. It will be good! Remember that you can command whatever you want. But give yourself the opportunity to ask for too much anyway, and see what happens. Some people are really into discipline for disobedience.

Some slaves like being punished, so they actively invite it by being deliberately ornery at times. See the movie Secretary for some examples. Some people are really into strict discipline with over-the-top punishments for even minor infractions. Others, like me, prefer to maintain a lighter and more playful vibe, so I never delve into serious punishments.

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I prefer to just use playful teasing and rewards for good behavior.

Example d/s scenes

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