Erotic electro stimulation

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Zappy, ouchy, dangerous!

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Moving beyond lubes, toys, and costumes onto the next sensory level by throwing electricity into the mix, this form of high-tech play is all the buzz. The sensation--a shivering, tingly tickle--is wholly different from that of a vibrator or any other everyday sex toy.

The human nervous system operates via tiny electrical als. Wilde, copywriter and bondage expert for online sex shop Lovehoney. Which makes sense--everyone knows power is a turn on. Their sales increased by 70 percent in overand in the last two months surged upwards again by 75 percent. Electroplay devices have been around for decades: early e-stim models grew out of medical TENS devices, which use electricity to treat pain and muscle problems.

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And electrified muscle toners--popular in the s for an exercise-free six-pack--are still around. But now electroplay is going big time, and the main factor behind the boom, says Wilde, is the shift by manufacturers to use new materials: namely, velvet-smooth silicone instead of shiny metal. Toy makers are also now borrowing from the tricks of the vibrator industry: making devices simpler, user-friendly and ergonomically sleek.

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Now the units have been scaled down to four simple buttons. Globally, l are bringing electroplay out of the dungeon and into the light. For most men, vibration alone will not bring them to orgasm. A handy video from online purveyor Mystim on Youtube helps to demystify e-stim with a friendly cartoon, illustrating that the kits are just as handy for a young monogamous couple on the couch as a costumed pair in a dungeon. As proof of this, always popular at Lovehoney. When two people connect to each other via wires, they can create an electric current by touching each other, closing the circuit.

But it can of course--like all things kinky--get a bit more extreme. Which is saying a lot: Nick is a violet wand restorer with NickAndMorphia.

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Though most people use these more powerful devices—which actually send a visible spark of electricity to the skin--just for massaging the shoulders, back of the neck and spine, of course some have applied them to their genitals as well. And there were some, well, shocking side effects:. I was a bit wary of this as I had never tried it before. He placed it in my butt and turned on the voltage gauge.

When he turned up the voltage, it made my legs flap up and down like a frog in a biology class. It was so surreal. Quite funny, actually. But I really feel electroplay is not for me. It is interesting to note that of the four friends who spoke to me about their experiences with electroplay, none of them wanted their real names on record. Even though reports of e-stim being erotic electro stimulation or risky are few and far between, there is still something about the combination of electricity and sex that sounds ill-advised and possibly crazed.

But the great thing about violet wands is that they look dangerous, but they are perfectly safe.

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His devices will likely remain territory for the connoisseur--but among the mainstream, gentler electroplay devices are undoubtedly going to get more popular, says Wilde. And given the advances in technology and the popularity of the sensation, what are we likely to see? She predicts more colours--a shift from black and grey to pink and purple, as with vibrators.

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USB attachments, for remote stroking over the Internet. Wireless devices could liberate fans to enjoying electroplay in the great outdoors, for those who get off on exhibitionism. Combo dildos with the ability to zap as well as vibrate ought to be the dream product--why nobody has made an e-stim Rabbit yet is shocking, says Wilde. Exploring your sexual landscape is always a good thing, and some of the most illuminating things that people can discover via e-stim is not about the technology, but about themselves.

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Erotic electro stimulation

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