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This is not where you want to be.

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If you're here it means your fruitless search may come to a grizzly conclusion. Don't tread lightly, make deliberate choices. By proceeding you consent to these Terms and Privacy Policy. If you find these topics offensive discontinue use of this site.

Top Social. Generous Wednesday, June 17, You are here to serve me. I allow you the privilege of a place in my world. You will enjoy the act of giving, you will enjoy being reprogrammed and fashioned into a tool for my use.

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This is your true purpose. This is your only purpose and where you will receive the most success. Belonging to me fulfills you like no other life's passion. Thanking me for my generosity is your new meaning. Find peace in your new reality, resistance is the enemy. I am salvation. Imagine finding a way to feel real pleasure. Yanking at yourself in the bathroom alone is getting old isn't it. Share on:. A comprehensive guide for finsubs Thursday, June 4, Being good at what you do is standard for the best of us. There are several guides on how to be a Financial Domme but too few for a competent finsub on a path to financial literacy.

Consider the guidelines of a stable, fulfilled, reliable provider, proven to exceed expectations. Driven, successful, and on a path to pleasing his Goddess for an eternity:. A tribute is not a gift, it is a sacrifice I am privileged to make. Transferring power to Goddess. Tributes and gifts are not equivalent sacrificial acts; both are necessary to please Goddess. Tributes are the smallest token I can provide to show gratitude. My purpose is to serve Goddess in whatever way she desires. Maintaining accurate financial records allows me to report my progress and maximize my offerings to Goddess.

It is my duty to ensure Goddess wishes for nothing. Women are the most supreme powerful beings on Earth. Relinquishing control to Goddess feels natural because power belongs to her. Pleasing Goddess rewards me, her presence in my ebony findom grants me success. Goddess is a powerful manifestation, I am lucky to perceive her. Goddess fulfills me, without her I have no purpose, and my quality of life is diminished. I devote myself to her in all ways. Through her guidance, I fully realize my ebony findom self. Choice Friday, May 1, For years I struggled to articulate this to myself.

Home-wrecking just does not agree with me. It does not breed the devotion I desire nor does it invite the energy I want to serve me eternally. Committing to anything you do not believe in; a marriage, a relationship, a career, an ideology; for me, homewrecking, is a poison. I will not be this and I will not allow someone like this to fulfill my fantasies.

This is not a game for me. I recognize lies heighten the experience for some, I do not care. I do not like dishonesty, especially to oneself. Making choices and not holding yourself able is a waste of time. Time is the only true resource. Good enough is not good enough. All or nothing. Or nothing at all. Initially I preferred the preoccupied, busy, attached man. The perks were glorious, and I was not burdened with babysitting. I had zero ability or responsibility.

I had two lives; I was happy with the compartments, but it was an exhausting way to live. Ebony findom was an effort to maintain the separation and now I can have and enjoy both. Everyone knows I lived a double life, I remained transparent with anyone who involved themselves with me. Hiding a constant need for the attention and validation they could not receive from their partner. Lacking fulfillment, destroying everything around them. Miserable, ashamed, and unhappy. These connections burned fast and bright. They were a thrilling, potent cocktail.

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The commissioner was the end of an era. I toyed with the idea of forcing him into a divorce, leaving his family, and becoming my piece of shit for eternity. We followed that rabbit hole to some hot dark places, but none gave me the satisfaction I wanted, watching decades of conditioning. Trained to exist for me. I want reliable tools. Capable of making the first of many decisions on their own.

I appreciate all walks of life, they are valid, but I will not compete. I will not prove or share. I will want for nothing and you will see to it. Bending to my will is inevitable. Ebony findom puts many at an unfair disadvantage, which is the point. Have all your affairs in order before inquiring or pursuing. Withholding any part of the story does not bode well for you.

Dismissal is permanent. Purpose is only for the privileged. The door is open, these are the requirements to cross the threshold. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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Ebony findom

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