Disgusting nudes

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Nudes are nudes. Text a photo of the Birth of Venus painting. And you should probably apologize for how windy it was that day.

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Tell him to send you nudes first. But make sure to add that the only nude thing you want sent is a cheese pizza with no toppings. Respond with quotes from Nicolas Cage movies. Put heavy emphasis on quotes from The Wicker Man. One side-eye from the Kevin Spacey character is guaranteed to shut it down. What are nudes? Oh, like nude photos? Why would you want those?

What would you do with them?

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Text him the famous photo of a naked John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Ask him if Cary Grant would ever do such a thing. Remind him what it means to be a gentleman. If he has no idea who Cary Grant is, definitely block him. Throw your phone into the ocean. Good luck trying to get nudes now! Fight nudes with politics.

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Bombard him with cat facts. Check out Relationship Hero a site where highly trained relationship coaches get you, get your situation, and help you accomplish what you want. Just …. Her favorite thing to do is eat, sleep, and repeat.

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Disgusting nudes

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Disgusting pics!