Dental fetish

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Not as much as the doctor. Though I have a very attractive dentist. Who holds my tongue between his fingers while he screens for cancer. I've always thought that to be a little erotic. I have had fantasies about the dental office. Visits to the dentist are becoming more and more medically oriented. For example, my dentist checks pulse and blood pressure and inquires about my medical history. I have fanaticized about being in the dental chair and having just enough Nitrous to make me very sleepy and relaxed. I am aware of someone working in my mouth and can feel the gloved fingers probing my gums and tongue.

Suddenly there is the sensation of my blouse being unbuttoned and my bra being lifted to dental fetish my breasts. Someone is touching my breasts, maybe doing a breast exam. My eyelids are too heavy and I can't open my eyes nor speak. At the same time I feel my panties being slid down my legs and off, then each leg being spread and draped over the chair arms on either side. My labia are being touched and explored. I feel a sharp pinch when a rectal temperature probe is inserted in my bottom to monitor my temperature dental fetish the dental procedure.

I hear a discussion on whether a catheter should be inserted. One voice says it should be done but the dentist speaks up and says he won't be much longer. My arm is swabbed and an IV is inserted.

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When I wake up, I am fully dressed and in the dental chair as when I first entered the room. Was it a strange drug induced dream? Am normally far too nervous and irrationally fearful that the dentist will tell me that I have to have all my teeth extracted to feel in any way amourous :lol:. I have a bit of a dental fetish, yes! It hasn't to do with pain but with the thought of being helpless and of my open mouth teeth, tongue, uvula being exposed to the dentist's dental fetish and instruments.

Kinky, huh?! I also like the idea of being a dentist myself and having a cute patient in my chair. For some reason, I remember the following experience as ificant when I was a young boy, aged 7 or 8. I had to have some teeth out under a general anaesthetic. My dad drove me to the surgery - which was not that of our regular dentist. It was near a railway station and up some stairs. The reception area was deserted. The dentist appeared and indicated to my dad that I should go into a room.

My dad was told to wait outside. In the middle of the large room was a dental chair with a lamp above it. An assistant, younger than the first dentist, was standing near it. I soon gathered that he was the anaesthetist. I got into the chair and the dentist turned on the lamp and examined my mouth. Then he gestured to the anaesthetist to take over. The anaesthetist stood near me and grinned. I didn't much like him.

The dentist gave him a look. Whereupon the anaesthetist put a mask on my face and told me to count backwards from I was dental fetish very quickly. I woke up at home. Am very happy to hear that you share my feelings on this, birdie! I'm sorry, but I don't know the German scene at all. There ARE various dental fetish groups tothough.

I love having a female nurse of doctor with gloved fingers probe my mouth while a nasal mask is pumping N20 in my lungs. Hate the dentist, though he dental fetish good and tries to be nice. He shares nurses with others in the practice and one is REALLY good looking and a little 'careless' in how she moves, often rubbing against my arm. Worst part is she had an injury similar to one the dentist told me his girlfriend got.

Turns out they are an item. I have always had trouble with erections whenever I am in any Pateient-Doctor setting; Doctors, Eye exams even Dentists, particularly if they are females. I remember when I was about 18 I had to have some painful dental treatment done. I was very sexually inexperienced having never even masturbated let alone been with a girl.

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I had only ever ejaculated in my sleep. Now the Dentist was a woman, though not remotely attractive but the Nurse, as usual was quite sexy. Tall, blonde and slim I remembered her from school; she was only a school year ahead of me so must have been no more than 19 or twenty at the time. As they mytooth was being drilled and Nurse was leaning over me operating the suction device I began to get hard. It always concerned me that laying flat in the chair it is quite obvious to the Dentist and Nurse that you are nursing a stiffy but at the same time this kind of excited dental fetish further.

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After a few minutes I began to feel like I needed to go to the toilet but new that I couldn't just get up and leave so I tried to hold it in. Well that didn't work and and just released there and then. Thinking that I was about to be mortally embarrassed as dental fetish puddle would surely soon develope, I was pleasantly surprised to feel that the wet patch was very localised to the top of my thigh.

It didn't dawn on me until after Ihad left the surgery that I had in fact just cum in the Dentists chair! There was a small wet patch on my jeans but I don't thinl they noticed Its quite funny for me! I Love looking at photographs and things of nice young Dental Nurses in there uniforms and latex gloves and masks, however, going to dentist is not something i like, The thought of them inside my mouth is not nice. However, seeing them in action is one of my biggest fantasies!! My ex-Girlfriend, is a young gorgeous 21 year dental fetish dental nurse, and picking her up from work was fantastic.

We are seperated for other reasons, she never knew about my fantasies! I think that dentists bring out fear in everyone. That rather excites me and I have long fantasied about being a dentist who's attractive patients are a bit scared of him.

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Its a bit like being the stern gyno who insists that his patients do as he tells them. All a bit sadistic I suppose. I once had a girlfriend who loved being examined by a doctor but was terrified of going to the dentist. This really turned me on especially when she told me that on one occasion she had to have a tooth extracted and made so much fuss that her mother as well as the nurse had to drag her into the surgery and hold her down in the chair while the dentist did his work.

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Last year went with a friend that was having her wisdom teeth removed. Since that time I have developed a dental fetish.

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That day patients were taken to a changing room and had to put on a hospital gown and socks. Friend was put completely asleep, during the procedure. Got to stay with my friend until she was put sleep. As I left the room an walked back to the waiting rooms, saw other patients with tubes down their nose. In the recovery room, my friend did have a Foley catheter. Was told by staff every patient had a "bladder management devise", either catheter or diapered. Choice depended on length of procedure and surgeon preference. Since this time with my friend I have dreamed about being a patient in the surgery center.

If I ever need oral surgery I will definitely have to consider this place. My dentist is a great guy, and goes out of his way to inflict as dental fetish pain as possible. That's something I can't say about other practitioners I have endured through the years. But every time I see him, I think of the following story Some years ago I had a friend who had ly undergone heart surgery, who told me that dental fetish dentist once surprised him greatly. He was suffering from a tooth ache, and called for an emergency appointment.

The office manager managed to squeeze him in late in that afternoon.

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When he arrived at the office, the dentist got him in the chair, and asked, as he routinely did, whether he had taken prophylactic antibiotics dental fetish to the appointment. It turns out that following certain kinds of surgery especially t and valve replacement it is necessary to take antibiotic pills before the dentist goes to work, to prevent a systemic infection that might compromise the artificial devices.

My friend had completely forgotten this precaution in his discomfort, and told the dentist so. When he was done, the dentist asked my friend to remain in the chair, and excused himself. A few moments later the doctor reappeared in the surgery, carrying something in his hand. He set it down on the counter, and turned to close the accordion partition to the clinic hallway. The doctor folded up the arm of the dental couch, and asked my friend to stand up.

As he did so, my friend noticed what the doctor had laid on the countertop. It was a sizeable hypodermic syringe, filled with a creamy white medicine. Memories from his childhood came flooding back, of the doctor administering painful penicillin injections in his tender hindquarters. Sure enough, the dentist was opening drawers and loading cotton balls with reeking alcohol from a brown glass dispenser.

Now drop those trousers, so we can both get out of here. Filled with trepidation, my friend opened his slacks, and peeled his pants and underwear down to his knees, and then turned to bend awkwardly over the chair. The shot itself wasn't all that bad, he said -- but I've never forgotten his experience, and every time I see my dentist I think about what it would be like to have him poke me in the butt with a big old penicillin jab. Maybe someday My wife and I had our dentist appoinment back in May. I always make the appoinment in the early afternoon, so I can pick my wife up from work, thus not allowing her to change out of her work attire.

So I go first the hygentist is a blonde hottie and get the all clear. Then I stay in the room and make small talk with the hygentist dental fetish she works on the wife. My wife sat in the chair, and as it reclined, her short shirt rode up showing the top part of her pantyhose. It was so hot! Not so much a fetish. But find root canals to be mildly erotic. There is absolutely no pain involved. I didn't think dentist's offices did it to me until i was reading this post and remembered how erotic i felt in the dentist's chair. Although even thinking about it now.

I tend to agree. In real life I'm not a fan of the dentist dental fetish all. Maybe if he or she was young and cute it might be a little more fun, but usually its just pain. I do think i'd like dental fantasy play where i'm restrained and "gassed" not really of course and the dentist might poke around in my mouth but any real pain is only on other parts of my body.

I have a huge oral fixation so going to the dentist is an anxious time for me. The vulnerability of being in the chair mixed with the inability to speak most of the time is a real nice feeling.

Dental fetish

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Dental Fetish