Dating a crossdresser

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As a note to our users, you are encouraged to answer this question as if it directly applied to you, substituting language that includes you. Have questions about this moderator action? If it's literally them wanting to wear clothing stereotypically made for women, that's cool with me. I don't care if men wear "women's clothing" or women wear "men's clothing" and I would find it cool if some day there was no rules dating a crossdresser gender and clothing.

At that point it could just be about making all kinds of clothing fit many different types of bodies, so different kinds of people can wear what they want to, without difficulty with fitting etc. At that point it becomes about fetishizing gender roles which I am not into at all. I'd be OK dating a crossdresser who is only a crossdresser e. So, probably not a new crossdresser but someone who's been doing this for a while.

I've done it before with someone who wasn't confident and it was a trainwreck for many reasons. I'm not attracted to femininity at all even for myselfso I don't think we would be compatible. I respect guys who go against gender norms when it comes to clothing because it's a lot harder for them to do, but it's just not something I find sexually attractive.

I'd have to think about it. As long as it stays in the bedroom, cool. We aren't compatible to date and that I wouldn't be interested in giving makeovers if he were a friend.

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Other than that, I wouldn't care at all. There are very few things that would turn me off more than crossdressing, but some women would be way into it, I know! I wouldn't mind that, unless it came along with an interest in telling me how lousy my own clothing choices were. I recently learned that one of my friends is gender-fluid. And not to brag, but I think I chose some great colours for him!

That being said, I would not date someone who crossdresses. Simply put, I'm not attracted to femininity at all, so a romantic relationship with someone who exhibits strongly feminine characteristics is unappealing to me personally. As a post op transwoman I have mixed feelings about crossdressers. I was living as a female not long after coming out. From what I can tell is there's 2 types of crossdressers. The first being someone who feels somewhat female, they're doing it to escape their bodies, freeing their mind and its not a sexual thing really.

Then dating a crossdresser the one I just hate and are sicken by.

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They do it for sexual release, they'll calling themselves something like "Sissy" a word that just triggers all sorts of depressing feelings for methey'll add you on facebook and start chatting about how hard their "boyclit" is. Some just degrade women and real trans-people and its so upsetting because people see them and think that real trans-people only did it for the sex.

Edit That said, would I date one, it would depend on which one they were. Some guys also just think skirts are awesome pieces of clothing that they should be able to wear. You missed the third group: People who plain don't care about gender stereotypes and just wear what they want because clothes actually dating a crossdresser not have to be gendered things.

What are your thoughts on dating men who crossdress? Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: top suggested. I would not date a man who crossdresses. Continue this thread. Is he just more comfortable in a dress? I wouldn't. I would not be interested in dating someone who crossdresses. I'm fine with it.

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Dating a crossdresser

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