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You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. New Pornstar Interviews - [more] Introducing 4'10" Madi Collins "I want to be dripping wet by the time my pants even come off. I'd prefer it NOT be the usual facial or mouth shot, it just needs to be external and followed by a lot of hard fucking for at least several minutes after he cums.

So, it could be something like he fucks her ass, pulls out, shoots on her ass, then s fucking her ass for another 5 minutes until the other guy takes over. Or, it could be he's fucking her pussy, starts cumming, pulls out and shoots the rest on her stomach, flips her over, and fucks her ass for 10 minutes until he finally pulls out again and delivers a facial. But, the key is there's no editing right after the cumshot like you often see, where the performers simply do two cum twice forum in one shoot and edited out the recovery timeand whatever editing comes later is just to tighten up the scene in terms of editing, not an obvious "ok you two take a break".

Both of those had super-hot sex leading to premature cumshots followed by even hotter sex. I don't know. Most movies where the guy cums early. They cut and edit it to where after the guy comes, it cuts to a later time after they "clean-up" and then they. But the cum is gone. I know what you're asking for. I think there is another thread about this exact same topic. There's another topic where I posted this, but I don't want to look right now. Learn it. Love it.

Live it.

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Look at the first scene in Ass Brand New 2 with Pason. She takes a nice facial and then he goes straight to anal until he cums a second time. It is a good scene with a great finish. Mr Pete is unleashed Movies that are shot like that are either amatuer videos or late 70's, early 80's movies where STD was not a factor and they did it like you wanted to see it now!

There were tons of gonzo type films - that were of that exact act - in threesomes and two somes! It was a turn on! Good luck! Both Lex and Erik popped at the end, and then Lex told her to hold on for more shots Everhard came again within a minute, but it was extremely weak. Then after another few minutes of serious stroking he actually managed a third pop that was decent.

Lex was caught stroking himself furiously at the very end, trying to round out the scene with his own 2nd pop, but finally he threw in the towel -- on camera, no less Anyways, when you boil it all down, not really my cup of tea -- Shyla again looked like a cheap whore, they treated her worse than a cheap whore, and while there were multiple pops, it was all at the end in a "circus show" how-much-can-he-cum way she never touches either onerather than what I'm cum twice forum at in this thread -- good hot sex leading to an inevitable cumshot, followed immediately by more and hotter sex I just watched an old vid from a few years ago with Tyce Bunce and Devonshire anybody remember her going at it on a stair well in Comeback Pussy and while they were at it She encouraged him on and he did a pop and ran right back in her.

You can sometimes catch Tyce doing that and if you are a real retro guy John Leslie used to do that a lot back in the day Boy, she could bring out the best in guys. Those 3 scenes come to mind He is fucking her in missionary position on the stairs and has to pull out to pop cum twice forum her face and tits. He climbs up the stairs and she crawls after him, and skewers herself on his cock in cowgirl position. She still has his cum glistening on her wonderful pups as he fucks her for another 5mins before he pops again. There is not editing, and this is one of the best POV scenes i have ever seen.

There was a great chemistry between Lex and Mandy - she just went nuts for his huge dong! It is great too when the girl is all sweaty for sure. Makes the scene more hot and intense. Super Whores 6.

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In the opening scene between Jerry and Vanessa Blue. They're fucking standing missionary when Jerry pulls out to cum on her stomach and I think her pussy. He then reinserts himself back inside of her and they continue fucking. Jerry even has her taste some cum off his fingers. The scene continues with Jerry cumming a second time on her face. Hot scene. I have to admit lately I have been seeking out titles where this practice is done. It is rare but it seems to me that the scene is so much more natural and unscripted and most times the heat in the scene kicks up a couple notches.

I feel my self concerned by this topic It was directed by Erik Everhard.

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If you missed it you might have a defective disc but it't there. He pulls out and cums all over her and immediately slips back in and continues without missing a beat. When he starts for the thrid time, Jeanna cries out "OhMyGod!

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Really erotic stuff. No more yankee my cum twice forum Lee Stone and Aria, can't think of in what, but I have seen them do it. If I remember correctly some of those early 'Taboo' movies, with kay parker, had scenes where the guy pulls out cums then s with the action for a little while before they cut to another scene. There are several Tony T scenes lately where he nuts mid scene and keeps going for another minutes to another one. Actually, back in the Golden Age, when all these old loops were made my nameless actors and actresses, somehow several were preserved that show a guy cumming and going right back to getting sucked or fucking and popping off another load - with no editting or down time.

Young Don Fernando was in several of these loops. In one of them he shot 3 times, short time between cumshots and no editting out same sweat lines, etc. In another he is with 3 chicks, his dick is still soaked with cum from the first load since the three have just sucked and jacked it out of him, and the one sits on it and he starts pumping Ken Starbuck was also another actor from the late 70s loops era who could pop two or three times with no break, vry common for him to pull out, pop a load on the girl, and then go right back in for more and a few minutes later would be load 2, in one scene Ken is with these two chicks and he gets off 3 lo.

In the 80s, Buddy Love was able to shoot two big lo back to back no editting or down time. But Ive seen cum twice forum least three movies when he does this. This among other factors, those loops and movies from the 70s and into the 80s were great, much better sex, positions, women in charge of men's orgasms Jerry does this twice in Hard Candy 2. Once with Jessi Summers and the other with Kinzie Kenner. No editing, no cuts, no tricks. I hear this happens to Jerry every now and then. Man, I wish I was able to pop twice in a scene more often. There is nothing worse than holding back a pop for an entire scene, and as a consequence, fucking ultra conservatively so you can last, as opposed to doing the natural thing, let one go, and fucking.

Problem is, not many directors are as trusting as Joey Silvera was when it happened in my scene, and would cut camera, and flip out. Quite frankly, that's an understandable cum twice forum. I wouldnt dare do it with a director whom I haven't shot for before. Anywaws, that's my male talent perspective. Sure, it's understandable that the average director wouldn't be too enthusiastic about seeing a male performer unload prior to the expected end of the scene. I wouldn't expect that sort of thing to just happen. Like you say, you need a performer who can pull it off and a director who agrees with doing it.

So, the key is for one or more directors to decide it's the "next big thing" to do to stand out from the pack, and then for him to round up a bunch of male talent that can do it on camera and make it actually look good. The real key is to avoid killing the sexual momentum of the scene by the guy popping at a bad time. For example, the guy fucks her pussy until he's ready for his first pop, then he pulls out and pops on her asshole, and transitions to fucking her ass -- and plows the first pop shot up her ass in the process. Or, she sucks him until he's ready to pop, then he pops on her tits, and switches to fucking her pussy.

That way, you don't have him getting caught in reverse-cowgirl suddenly having to pull out and let the cum run down his cock -- an obvious blooper. In "The Adventures of Buttman," Tanja Devries's boyfriend loses his load internally early in the scene, pauses for a nanosecond and then s banging her. It's pretty hot to see his cum ooze out as they continue to go at it. That was one fine chick. Too bad her career was so short. About halfway through the scene, he does a full-blown facial cumshot, then s fucking still rock hard.

He nuts again at the conclusion of the scene. Pretty fucking impressive if you ask me. Link to this post. Please see Where to Shop for adult movie shops and porn download sites. Eurobabe Index. Nasty Senior Member Asa Akira Posted - Jun 2 : AM I don't know.

Posted - Jun 2 : AM Yeah I know the thread you're talking about "Scenes where the guy nuts at least twice" or something. This is a variation on that, trying to filter out the "two separate fuck scenes edited together" problem you and I mention. You also mentioned the "clean up" issue, which is what I was actually getting at when I said the cumshot should be external.

Cum twice forum

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