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She was satisfied, so why rock the boat. Baby steps. Wow, did I just say that? Through baby steps we slowly progressed to some very active fantasy role play to satisfy my cuckold kink. I answered an ad on a swinger website which sounded like a good fit.

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I asked Amy if she was OK with this, and I could tell she was a little apprehensive, yet excited. Saturday night came, and we made better time getting to the party that expected so Amy wanted to know if we could stop for a drink at a bar we had passed on the way down. We arrived back at the house and I rang the doorbell. She was wearing cuckolding club a terrycloth bathrobe with her hair upswept like she had just got out of the pool. She led us to a den just down the short hallway and simply pointed to 2 matching robes on the desk.

Was she expecting us to disrobe in front of her? She broke the silence and invited us to put those on and wait at the window seat then closed the door behind her. Besides the 2 bathrobes, there were 2 simple eye masks like Zorro would wear, so we put those on also.

He asked Amy to stand and turn around before him while he appraised her body. He made her complete 2 turns and once her back was to him he pulled her close, reached around and loosened her cuckolding club allowing the robe to fall open in the front.

She was facing me half exposed. He further parted her robe pulling it off her shoulders and cupped her small breasts. I saw her arch her back at his touch, but he told her not to look at me. He then notices that she was still wearing her panties. He kept his hands on her breasts pinching her nipples while she bent over to slide her panties down to the floor. I watch as his hands went lower and around her hips to spread her ass cheeks before moving to her front.

Her legs spread a bit for him. I knew the moment he penetrated her with his finger, because of her gasp. I could tell he was probing deep and she was having trouble catching her breath. Amy nodded to me.

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Satisfied he spun my wife around and pulled her hair into a makeshift ponytail, and without asking she slipped to her knees. He loosened his belt and his semi-erect cock peeked out from the terry robe. Even soft, I could tell from my seat that it was twice as thick as mine.

He held out his cock and guided her head to it. Soon my virgin wife was sucking his cock right in front of me. Her first and only cock outside of the marriage bed. I could see she was having to shift her angle as his cock stiffened and he began slowly pumping her face. My wife is not a deep throater, and she was gagging on both the size and the depth she was taking in her mouth. She was choking on his cock, but I was frozen in place, watching. Before she suffocated on his meat he roughly pulled her up by her pony tail and turned her back around facing me.

Her robe was barely hanging on as he reached around and rolled her nipple cuckolding club one hand, and fingered her clit with the other. He put his hands on her bare shoulders and bent her over so that her head was nearly in my lap. The guttural sound coming from the bottom of her belly told me he was in her, all the way.

No little prods, just one push. And then the fucking began. She was gasping as if the oxygen was sucked out of the room and all I could do was watch. Her elbows were pinned back, as she was rocked back cuckolding club forth, impaled on a cock much bigger than mine. No sounds escaped the room except for the slapping of her ass against his thighs.

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I had a front row seat to watch a huge cock plunge into my wife, while she was struggling to keep the newcomers cock in her mouth. We had practiced this in our fantasy role play so many times, but it was different this time. This was real and happening right in front of my eyes. They used my wife like a fuck doll, switching places whenever one got tired of the orifice he was plugging.

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Once clean she was told to put her bathrobe back on, with the addition of a spiked dog collar and leash, and only then were we invited to come out to the party and be introduced to the rest of the group. My wife was amazing. Not quite. When I led Amy out of cuckolding club den we made it as far as the nearest couch when I was told to halt. They were all milling around all wearing the same masks as us, but in various stages of undress and entanglement. Most stopped their engagement long enough to acknowledge us newcomers and a few walked over to watch the festivities they knew was coming next.

Amy was directed to lay back on the edge of the couch with me kneeling between her spread knees.

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As if by magic a bowl of hot water, razor and a can of shaving cream appeared by my side. Even through my limited peripheral vision I could see a totally naked young lady kneeling on my left, and her equally naked husband standing to my right. I shaved that pussy bald as a newborn baby, and then I was told it was my turn. I was expecting us to switch places, but when I laid back on the couch, the razor was put in my hand while Amy cuckolding club directed to lather me up.

I had to shave my own balls in front of an adoring crowd amongst the cheers and jeers of the women directing me to stroke my cock, or taste a pussy scented finger.

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Now that we were both smooth, it was time to continue our tour. Amy was relieved of her bathrobe and my belt was used to tie her hands behind her back. It was my job to lead her around the room on her leash while encouraging total strangers to touch, fondle and even fuck my wife at their pleasure…. One couple with graying hair were naked sitting side by side on the couch and the woman motioned for my wife to come over.

Both of us were on our knees and eating out this couple on the couch oblivious to the rest of the crowd when I caught a line forming behind my wife out of the corner cuckolding club my eye. It seemed she was about to meet the rest of the club. It's filled with people from the cuckolding and hotwifing communities who also like to post some very sexy NSFW pics of their wives and girlfriends.

If you haven't checked it out yet, click the chat logo below and it'll take you to the entrance !

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