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Chances are pretty high that you've heard the word ' cuckold ' before. Before I did a deep dive into the word cuckold and what it has always meant and everything it means nowI just had this vague idea that a cuckold was a man worthy of mockery. The truth is that being cuckold today means something very different from what it did when the word was first coined. Let me share with you everything I learned about being a cuckold and cuckold culture. The original meaning of "cuckold" is actually super old.

Cuckold originally meant being the wronged husband of an adulterous wife. The word is derived from the cuckoo bird who is known for laying its eggs in the nests of other birds. An important part of this definition is the notion that the husband has no idea that his wife is pulling one over on him. Not only is he not "man cuckold kink to keep his woman from straying because that's how it works, EYEROLLhe's also a fool who doesn't even realize that his wife is cheating on him. Another phrase you'll often hear bandied about with "cuckold" in the ancient definition of the word is "wearing the horns" or "he's wearing the horns of a cuckold.

You know, because male stags fight each other using cuckold kink horns to win themselves a nice looking female stag. Cuckolding is a sexual fetish that a lot of people really enjoy. Here's why from a cuckold himself!

It's most often used to refer to a beloved sexual fetish.

In that way, cuckolding is a subset of the BDSM kink world. Like with many other kinkswhat's appealing to cuckold kink who are self-proclaimed cucks is the element of escapism, taking a break from the restrictions of their daily lives. But when I'm cucking, it's taking those expectations and totally ripping them away. It's a high like nothing else. Dave has some important advice, though: "Don't try it unless you understand that it's for keeps.

She'll have had sex with another guy and you can't change that. Cuckolding, or cucking, is also sometimes referred to as hotwifing, you know, like hot-wiring a car. But with a wife. While many other sexual fetishes have become more accepted in the mainstream I'm looking at you, 50 Shadescuckolding is still something that stays in the closet.

In a letter to his mistress, Tiger Woods is said to have fantasized about coming home to find her having sex with two other men. Cuckquean or female cuckolds are totally a thing, too. There is, of course, an equivalent moniker bestowed on women who like to watch their men having sex with other people.

Because cuckqueans are women there has been much less research done about the female side of cuckholdry. Pause while I briefly shake my fists at the heavens for not science and psychology not doing female sexuality justice. Many women who are practicing submissives love the idea of watching their man have sex with other women. It's the ultimate sacrifice and gift, and that's the dream of every submissive in a BDSM relationship.

Gay and lesbian couples can also and do enjoy this particularly racy and satisfying sexual fetish. Here's how people use "cuckold" as an insult today, especially the alt-right aka modern cuckold kink supremacists :.

Sexual fetishes and sexual practices in general are usually subject to mockery or judgment. It's unfortunate, but that's how it will continue to be until we as a culture are more accepting of sex and sexuality as a central part of our humanity.

MRAs men's rights activistsa reactionary offshoot to feminism, often using the term cucking or cuckolding to belittle men and demean men. When MRA members accuse a man of being "cucked" they aren't commenting at all on his sexual practices.

Instead, they are equating his respect for women's rights and feminism and other liberal values with being made a cuckold or a fool. It's also used by the alt-right you know them, those white supremacist "white nationalist" guys in a similar way.

It's disheartening to say the least that a term being embraced by the kink community meant to apply to a subversivion of gender roles for sexual pleasure is being used to emasculate men simply for seeing women as people. Popular Facebook personality The Skeptical Cuckold kink photo above found himself attacked by the MRA community for posting a photo himself wearing a t-shirt that said "cleavage is not consent. His stance against rape made him, according to these guys, a cuck. That's right, nowadays saying you don't support rape is enough to illicit an attack on your manhood.

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Cuckold kink

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