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Just ended my 30F relationship with my boyfriend 27M over him sexting via snapchat with other women. We lived together for 1. My last serious relationship before him was 5 years lived together 4 years and ended for similar reasons. With my current ex, I never once looked through his phone until some obviously sexual messages popped up on his screen. Am I just bad at picking guys?

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Do all guys do this in relationships? Does it really not mean anything to them? My current ex knew I was ok with porn but not ok with him talking to other women. Especially women he personally knows. I got through that without cheating on my spouse, so I know that any man for whom integrity is important, and who is capable of impulse controlfidelity is achievable. In the unsatisfying marriage, I learned instead to appreciate that initial spark of attraction, smile, and move on. I wouldn't devote that person thought or emotional energy, and by a week or two later, the spark of initial attraction would dim to a negligible consideration.

It doesn't matter how easy or hard cheating is -- cheaters cheating snapchat reddit gonna cheat. Liars are gonna lie. People for whom integrity matter. My dad taught me that there's one surefire test of integrity: you're walking your dog alone, at night, and forgot to bring a bag. The dog takes a dump on somebody else's lawn. Nobody saw but you. Do you clean that shit up? I think there's something wrong in my "picker", too, in that I seem to unerringly find unhealthy women who are unavailable in some way attractive, and healthy available women don't do it for me.

I have no idea how it works, but somehow, that subconscious sense of "who I find attractive" just. What can you do to consciously fight this? As I said, prioritize people for whom "integrity" matters. Ideally, someone who has demonstrated integrity in a difficult situation.

Warning: we don't virtue-al this. The women who have been dishonest with me have all been women who used "honest" to describe themselves within the first thirty sentences of meeting them. That depends on the person.

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For a sex addict, it really doesn't -- the person on the other cheating snapchat reddit doesn't even register as a "person" rather than a sex object. Then some men have a distinct compartmentalization between love and sex, so that they can have sex without developing feelings, it really is "just sex". Some men have a tighter coupling of sex and love; for me, I have to find something I love about a person in order to have sex with them -- in a weird sense I still have loving thoughts and genuinely wish well women from one night stands that predate my marriage.

Yes, of course you can. The world of love, sex and attraction is vastly more complex than this kind of black and white thinking. A close friend of mine's sex-addict husband appeared to genuinely love her, and feel tremendous remorse for hurting her No amount of loving connection between them -- and she poured heart and soul into it for years! You just do. The last three women I've been with have all had something else going on on the side None of cheating snapchat reddit women are my ex-wife, who was honest but unable to be emotionally or sexually intimate. None of those women are the next woman I'm talking to.

If I let cynicism jade me to the point that I can't trust, then I will have become my ex-wife, and I'll do to some good woman what she did to me. If you can't trust, today, that's fine: focus on yourself, on assuaging your own hurt, on being your own source of love and affirmation, on knowing your self-worth, until you are able to see that these guys' behaviors weren't about you and weren't all men -- they were just two sad assholes proving the old adage: "Hurt people hurt people.

Cheaters cheat. Liars lie. Scorpions sting. I just wanted to say I really appreciated you taking the time to write this comment. I am not the OP, but it was helpful for me. Thank you. Mind blown. I should know better, but I slide into black and white thinking often with these things.

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I think it's tough to avoid black and white thinking maybe because people also tend to give advice like "look at his actions, not his words. My take out of all that: there's no way in hell I'm picking up dog shit with my bare hands. I guess I'm a cheater?

This is all very good advice. I just wanted to say I like your comment about having to find something you love about someone in order to have sex with them, and wishing your ONS well. I feel the same way, but I'd never heard it described that accurately. I appreciate your thorough response. I just get really frustrated hearing the same excuses. Both my exes have said that the chatting means nothing to them and the people they chat with are also meaningless.

But they both tended to chat with one person in particular, which feels very affair-level to me. So that took it to an even more personal level into a cheating category for me. I trust because I just do. I'd much rather trust someone and have them do me dirty than not trust someone who's being a good partner.

I don't want past experiences to influence my future if I can help it. I also grew a self-esteem and I act in a trustworthy manner, both of which make it much easier to take people at their word. Oh and lastly I'm not into social media at all other than Reddit so I tend to go for people who are like me in that regard, less drama in general. Come on, now. I'm not a man but even I find this a bit offensive. Of course all men or people in general don't do this. Many don't even use Snapchat. Some don't even look at pornography when they're with someone. Was your ex insecure? I could see him thinking he's less of a person than others and that leading him to create these situations where he's fully in control and that also further their self-narrative that they're a POS.

Cheating often comes from stuff like that. Maybe it's just my but I don't care about my phone. Cheating snapchat reddit can go through if they want. I have the fingerprint sensor but I'll leave it unlocked at home. My ex, her phone was already locked, always face down, always by cheating snapchat reddit at all sides. Was she talking to other guys, making plans with other guys, snapping other guys?

Yes she was. But I'm a serial monogamist so there is really only one girl at once. I keep my phone locked all the time because I have so much financially and personally sensitive things on it. If a nefarious person got their hands on it, I would probably be screwed. You can roll the dice 10 times and get 7s each of those times, but it's super unlikely. It's also unlikely to have two partners who cheat on you in a row.

It's more likely that they won't but it is possible. You can never know if anyone is going to do anything. Does that mean I never worry about a partner cheating on me? No, cheating snapchat reddit I still trust here and know that those feelings are illogical. And if she does? Well, shame on me and I need to decide if it's worth continuing or moving on.

But I do know I don't want to be in anxiety paralysis needing to worry about this all the time. Do you have a source on the 13 vs 14 stat? I would imagine it swings quite heavily with age. I don't think I remember any girls in HS who didn't cheat on their bf, but I keep hearing of more and more guys in my old friend group who have recently cheated on their gf.

There is a crazy amount of infidelity but at the same time men and women will ignore a lot of red flags. I know people who still wanted to marry people that have cheated on them. Same here.

Cheating snapchat reddit

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