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Wonder if Doris bided her time and threw Carol Wayne in the waters off Mexico a decade later. Who knew Dodo had some major tits!? Didn't find it that awkward but Carol Wayne had to be the stupidest celebrity ever born. Aside from the Kardashians of course. Doris did have some major knockers, didn't she?

Mike Nichols is supposed to have wanted her to play Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate " - I could carol wayne nipples it. Neither Day nor Carson asked her if she gave a shit about animals. Stupid really because everyone knows that Doris Day is a huge animal advocate so why would anyone say that in front of her unless you want contention? Something was very off. They're not working together. Having asked her out and been refused, he persisted and — according to Kaufman — accompanied Day home after another date. On an impulse I opened the shower door.

She let out a yell and for the first time I laid my eyes on the most beautiful body I had ever seen. They made love that night, Day asked him to move in — and he did. The tempestuous marriage lasted five years before ending in Johnny was always a good host, and Doris Day was a delightful show business icon.

However, that interview did not work. It was awkward, forced and rather uninteresting. R6 You're right. Her left eye is looking at Johnny while her right is looking at the carol wayne nipples. I wonder what she was on? Maybe she didn't like Johnny or Carol Wayne.

She could have forced it and made it less awkward but she didn't want to. Doris was never a good interview, and dare I say, was not the lovable sweetheart in person that she was onscreen. She was equally cold in an interview with Merv Griffin.

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A studio suggested once that Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day meet for lunch in an effort to get to know each other. After the lunch date, Hepburn told friends that she never carol wayne nipples to be around Day again, saying she was boring and only wanted to talk about clothes, shoes and other silly stuff. I once met a waiter who said he made her cry when he couldn't get her order of fish correct after about four tries.

Ms Doris is the queen of all size queens. Ten inches was her starting point Just ask Sly Stone. The impression I have of DORIS DAY is that although she puts forth the persona of being the all American gal who keeps bouncing back that by age 45, 50 she was a deeply wounded individual who retreated except for those rare times one saw her in public for tv appearances etc. DAY surrounded herself with the one thing that loved her unconditionally, her animals. Why do you ask me about her?

Apparently that is a true story and it happened about one year before the famous Helter Skelter murders. Weird huh?

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After the murders and then months later once it became known who was behind the murders CANDICE realized how close she had become to possibly having been a victim herself. R6, she's really She was born innother purported birth year throughout her career.

Her husband died and left her broke, though she had earned millions. She took the money from five years of TV and retired with a big fat fuck you to showbiz. Why was Barbara Walters such an unrelenting cunt to Doris Day? Seriously, she was downright hostile to her. Like she interviewing Susan Atkins or Eva Braun or something.

Day didnt retire on her last few years of tv gigs. Day was awful in that interview. Johnny was a pro in trying to smooth it over. If Day was that uninterested in being on she should have just stayed home. She was almost hostile.

It was strange. Why was Carol Wayne even sitting on the couch as a regular guest? I thought she only did appearances in those stupid skits? They must have been short on real celebrities that evening. When carol wayne nipples look at the list of guest for the old Carson episodes, he really didn't have a lot of big stars in the lineups. Check out Doris staring down Perry Como like he's a juicy little pork chop she wants to devour. Can't really blame her but he was married and looks so uncomfortable. Not sure how verifiable this site is, but it is interesting to see which movies Doris didn't star in.

It says in this article that Clint Eastwood was trying to lure her out of retirement in Would that have been for "Sully". I didn't see the movie, so I'm not sure what role she would have played. Carol wayne nipples indeed, we too use "cookies. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ! Awkward moment between Doris Day and Carol Wayne This entire interview from was awkward, but it got really interesting at the mark.

Thanks, OP. That was fun.

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Watching Carson babble and try to keep things going was hilarious. It's disconcerting to see Doris' nipples on full display like that. Carol Wayne drowned! Even with those huge flotation devices? Doris was charming. Wonder how she's doing at That was the debut of Doris' new breast implants at age And apparently quite skilled between the sheet. Carol had a right to speak her mind, she was two of the biggest reasons viewers watched Carson.

Didn't Doris's husband run off with all her money and that's why she had to do the TV show? It is airing right now on Antenna TV! I like her singing, but her acting and squeaky-clean screen persona are beyond boring. Big time boob job. Great work! Barbara has always been a vicious cunt. Johnny's jacket was wonderfully tragic. She died under mysterious circumstances. Did Johnny ever offer a tribute? Ah, but her parking skills R It wasn't Brian who was involved carol wayne nipples manson All rights reserved.

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Carol wayne nipples

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Awkward moment between Doris Day and Carol Wayne