Caning kink

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Caning is a technique used in BDSM in which the dominant repeatedly strikes the submissive with a long flexible cane, usually on the buttocks.

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The idea behind caning is not to hurt the submissive but to straddle the line between pleasure and pain. Causing some pain can make a person more sensitive to other types of touch.

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Canes come in different sizes for different effects. A thinner cane will give a sharper pain, while a thicker cane will produce more of a thud. Canes are also made of different materials such as rattan, nylon, fiberglass, stainless steel, lexan, and bamboo. It is usually not recommended to use bamboo because of the risk of breaking or cracking. As with all BDSM practices, it is important to engage in them with a trusted partner and to have a safe word to ensure that no serious boundaries are crossed. thousands receiving hot new sex related articles, goodies, and great deals.

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Caning kink

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