Breeder fetish

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Yes, a breeding fetish is a thing. It involves risk, anxiety and apparently triggers a primal desire to breed.

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Chris Donaghue told Broadly. We have so much fun during sex. I whisper in his ear to give me his big load and get me pregnant. It really kicks on that primal desire to breed — breedingthrowaway91 on Reddit. He loves it when I talk about my ripe egg, just vulnerable and waiting for his seed. The options I give my partners are adoption or co-parenting. When I am more financially stable, I am more than willing to be a single mother.

For others, however, this honesty breeder fetish away the fun. Staff from Mamamia reveal the details of their last sex dream.

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Post continues below video. Some participants are more interested in triggering the primal instinct with words and role play.

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It might also be a hard-wired desire in all of us, that only a few brave souls are chanelling and owning. Leave a comment. I have SO many questions. First off, how and why? But what happens if a pregnancy does occur? Caitlin Bishop. Content Producer.

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Listen Now. Sealed Section. What's Your ? Tags: babies breeding-fetish contraception fetish kink pregnancy sex.

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True Crime. Before The Bump.

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Breeder fetish

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Confessions Of A Woman With A Breeding Fetish