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Bachelorette contestant Ciarran was not afraid to get nude for an art class on the reality TV show. Coronavirus has made hooking up pretty complicated. Sure, you could wear a mask and use hand sanitiser first, but it's not quite the same Doctor Melissa Kang AKA Dolly Doctor has been answering our questions about sex for more than two decades, and she says respect and consent are key if you're gonna send pics. For a lot of us right now, sexting is about way more than just snapping a quick pic in your bedroom.

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Boudoir photographer Natalia Naa specialises in shooting sexy, intimate portraits for clients and says when it comes to getting a good shot, nailing your pose and lighting are key. That is just seeing how light interacts with the environment and how light hits certain parts of the body, it can really bring a photograph to the next level. I do work with studio lights occasionally but nothing beats the natural soft glowy natural light. No matter how many precautions you take, sometimes your nudes could be shared without your consent. Tessa Opie is a sex and relationships educator for In Your Skin.

She says it's not as simple as telling people to just not take nudes. If you're looking for legal support, Youth Law Australia can provide free and confidential legal advice. Tessa also recommends reaching out to the eSafety Commissionerwhose team specialises in dealing with image-based abuse. Right now, the Commissioner's office has an 85 per cent success rate in getting people's pics and videos down in these cases. Hack Best sexting pics Podcast Contact. Posted Fri 16 Octpm. Updated Fri 16 Octpm.

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A woman uses a smartphone. When you're taking a sexy selfie, don't include your face or identifying features like a tattoo.

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Image: Unsplash: Rodion Kutsaev.

Best sexting pics

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